She's Not Afraid

With a name like Alexandra you would probably think of me as a very well behaved girl that has all A's in school and never acts up. Well I can tell you that you happen to be very wrong.


2. The Club

I was slipping on my favorite dress which is a dark shade of purple and also happens to be very tight and very strapless. I looked in the mirror and made sure my makeup looked good. I opened my window and slowly looked down to see my best friend Haley in her car looking up at me,"Hurry up will you?" she shouted. I peeped my head out and yelled back,"Catch my shoes." I threw out some tall black heels and grabbed my phone looking at the clock, 12am. Perfect. I quickly climbed down the ladder that just happened to be beside my window and got my shoes while hopping in the car. 

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