She's Not Afraid

With a name like Alexandra you would probably think of me as a very well behaved girl that has all A's in school and never acts up. Well I can tell you that you happen to be very wrong.


4. Morning


I woke up and stretched hitting someone in the head. I sat up quickly and pulled the cover up with me looking over at Harry. My head was killing me and I felt sick. I jumped out of the bed and wrapped the sheet around me before running out of the room looking for a bathroom. I was turning a corner when I ran into a boy with brown hair. " Goodmo-," he said before I interrupted " Where's the bathroom?"He pointed down the hall and I took off and ended up puking my guts out. I felt someone rubbing small circles on my back. Harry. I finally finished puking and sat up wiping my mouth. He clearly didnt drink as much as I did. He pulled me into his chest and we sat there for a while with me laying my head on him. I felt a bit better and we got up and used some mouthwash. When I was finished we went into his room to put on some clothes. I pulled on my underwear and grabbed my dress looking up at Harry. He smiled the cutest smile I've ever seen before throwing me a shirt out of his closet. I put it on and was soon hit in the head with a pair of sweat pants. I pulled them off my head and looked at Harry who was turning almost purple form laughing so hard. I, being the player that I am, pretended to be mad as I sat on his bed and pulled the pants up. He stopped laughing and sat down beside me," Oh come on," he said kissing my neck,'' you aren't mad are you?"I shook my head but still didn't say a word."Come on Lexi, I was just messing around."I finally pushed him down and straddled him. I gave him a devious smile before kissing his lips.    We put our clothes back on and finally made it  downstairs. Harry sat on the couch and I sat in his lap. The boy I ran into earlier was sitting in a chair. " Hi, I'm Liam, sorry, I didn't catch your name earlier." I gave him a smile," Lexi." He smiled back," Nice to meet you.
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