She's Not Afraid

With a name like Alexandra you would probably think of me as a very well behaved girl that has all A's in school and never acts up. Well I can tell you that you happen to be very wrong.


5. Hanging with Harry


I found out Harry is in a band called One Direction with 4 other boys including Liam. I spent most of the day cuddling with Harry on the couch, Liam went to hang out with Niall, so we were alone. I eventually lost track of time while watching Paranormal Activity 2. My phone started vibrating and Harry moved his arm from around my waist and let me up to get it. I had a text from my mom. Mom: Alexandra where on earth are you? Lexi: Chill mom, I'll be home in a little while. Mom: It's nearly 9pm! I put my phone down and sat in Harry's lap. "That was my mom, I need to get home." I said laying my head on his shoulder. " Right now?" He asked kissing my head. I nodded. I went upstairs and changed back into my dress. I walked downstairs to find Harry sitting with his knees pulled up holding onto a pillow and still watching the movie. I snuck up behind the couch and grabbed his shoulder making him jump up and throw the pillow at me. I dogged it and ended up rolling on the floor laughing." You think that's funny?" He said walking over to me. I couldn't stop laughing but managed to say," You.. should of... seen.. your face!" He crossed his arms and looked mad. I stopped laughing and got up and went over to him. I put my arms around his neck but he didn't even flinch." Harry, don't be mad." I kissed his cheek, "Please." He finally smiled and grabbed me throwing me over his shoulder. " Harry!" I screamed." Put me down!" He threw me on the couch and kissed me passionately. " Harry, I have to go home." I said in between kisses. He moaned and rolled off of me. I finally got all my stuff and walked out the door and got hit by a cool breeze. Harry walked back inside and handed me his purple Jack Wills hoodie. I slipped it on," Thank you." We got in his car and he drove me home not saying a word the whole time.     

    * Harry's POV*

I didn't want to take Lexi home, I wanted her to stay with me. I love being around her, she makes everything better. I was thinking the whole ride to her house and didn't talk to her much. We finally pulled up to a big house. She leaned over and kissed my cheek and smiled." Bye Harry." She said opening the door to get out. I grabbed her wrist and pulled her back in. I grabbed her face in my hands and kissed her. I could feel her smile in the middle of the kiss and she finally pulled away." What's your number?" I asked her. She smiled and took my phone and typed it in. I smiled and watched her leave my car.         

 * Lexi's POV*

I didn't want to go home, and Harry wasn't helping the madder. He was being very short in the car. I kept trying to bring up a conversation but he just seemed mad. We arrived at my house later and I have him a small kiss on  the cheek before getting out. He grabbed my wrist and pulled me back in and kissed me. I smiled and eventually pulled away. My parents are going to kill me. " What's your number?" He asked. I smiled and grabbed his phone and typed it in. Still kind of shocked from that last kiss. When he kissed me it felt like fireworks going off in my mouth. I finally got out and walked inside, my mom was waiting at the door.   

**Author's Note**

Please comment and tell me how you like it so far! kik me @laceyP24. Love you guys and thanks for reading I'll update soon!


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