Renesmee's Twilight Saga

It has been about 1,000 years since Bella was killed by the voltori and left Edward with renesmee. Now it all may start agian. jacob still loves renesmee but she is in love with cody a vampire boy. He is perfect but he is in the voltori. Will love bring them together or will tragity rip them apart?


2. The Meadow

Renesmee's POV

I was siting in my room on my bed when my dad came in. "Come on res I want to show you something.'' He said waving his hand. I got up and followed him outside. He picked me up and started to run, he ran for about 15 minutes then put my down. ''Its just up here a little.'' He said smiling. I walked up the big hill and trough some trees when suddenly I was in a meadow, it was beautiful there where flowers covering the ground in every color. ''Wow.'' I breathed. ''This was your moms favorite place.'' My dad said smiling. Then Jacob smashed  through the trees. ''Renesmee I'm sorry.'' He said. I started to run in the other direction, Jacob went all wolf form again and followed me. ''Jacob let her be!'' My dad yelled after him, but Jacob didn't stop. I looked for a tree to jump into. I finally found one probably three miles away from the meadow, I jumped up all the sudden and grabbed it. Jacob stopped by digging his claws into the ground. ''Come down from there Nessie I just want to talk to you.'' He said starring at me. ''No I shall not come down from the trees.'' I stated. ''Well then how are you gonna get home, fly? He asked. I thought about that for a second. Then I started to walk out on the branch until I was on the edge. ''Renesemee don't do it.'' Jacob warned. I smiled and jumped to the other tree grabbing on to it as I hit. I laughed as I continued jumping from tree to tree away from Jacob.

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