Renesmee's Twilight Saga

It has been about 1,000 years since Bella was killed by the voltori and left Edward with renesmee. Now it all may start agian. jacob still loves renesmee but she is in love with cody a vampire boy. He is perfect but he is in the voltori. Will love bring them together or will tragity rip them apart?


1. Fighting

"Jacob I will tell you one more time I dont feel like that for you." I told him. His eyes had tears in them as he begged, then he got mad tipical jacob. "YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THAT STUPID CODY GUY IN A THOUSAND YEARS THEY KILLED YOUR MOM!'' He yelled at me. I didnt mind the yelling because im used to him doing that, what got me mad is what he said about my mom. Its true they did kill her but it was only one of them and what are the odds of it being cody. "YOU MUTT YOU DON'T KNOW WHO KILLED HER IT COULD HAVE BEEN ONE OF YOUR KIND FOR ALL WE KNOW." I didnt mean what i said but he got me so mad. He looked down at the ground. Jacob im so.." He ran away befor i could finish, he is my hero and i do love him, a lot, just not like he loves me. I went back into the house and passed my dad sitting on the couch. "Do you want to talk about it?" He asked. "No." I said waving it off. I sat down  beside him . EDWARD'S POV    Renesmee needs a place to got to get away form everything, a place to commfert her when she and jacob fight like that and i know just where to take her. 

NOTE: Sorry its so short the rest will be longer promise! comment what you think!




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