Vampire love book 2

This is book two of vampire loves this series to make it easier is going to be same name different number do u can search for them remeber to read th first book before this it will make more sense


2. back with the boys

             taylors pov

           the boys took me back i didnt eat like usual after they left paige an jade came over  they pushed me down but i promised i wouldnt eat them i growled they started calling me a dog an laughing teaseing me i got so mad i was to the point of breaking my promise niall came around the corner i didnt care at the moment i was focused on eating them my eyes turned bright red a i jumped up....

nialls pov

i turned the corner paige an jade were bullying taylor her eyes turned red she jumped up i ran as fast as i could dropping my things an pushing taylor over .. she looked at me angerliy then i heard the boys down then hall i tried helping taylor up but jade tripped me an i fell on top of taylor. she brung her teeth out an hissed harry and louis came around the corner saw her teeth out an me on top of her.  didnt look good they ran over picking her up she looked at jade an paige an tucked her teeth in she pointed at them an said " their next"!  they rolled there eyes an kept walking she started walking over to them louis grabbed her arm an yelled " NO " ! she hissed an tried to unloosen his grip on her arm but she couldnt angerliy she plopped down on the tile floor in the hallway

jades pov

i was listening to them talk from around the corner louis was talking about keeping her secret all i could think about was killing or  make her "missing" ppl will be looking all over for her but wont find her sooner or later i will throw her in a lake an let her drown but that will wait  .... i waited till nobody was around i put a cloth around her mouth a nose an she knocked out paige helped me get her in my crawlspace dark that nobody goes in an we went to being our normal selves

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