Vampire love book 2

This is book two of vampire loves this series to make it easier is going to be same name different number do u can search for them remeber to read th first book before this it will make more sense


1. Jealousy and forgiveness

Taylor's POV
I sat back down and talked to Niall he said Harry said I was dead that night I told him because I am I'm the living dead we laughed an I rubbed my stomac I was HUNGREY he said well eat an I said human food makes me hungrier I only eat sea food I'm a fish vampire ten Harry came over im sorry forgive me I stood up and said harry I forgive u don't tell any one though my voice got faint and I started to see blury then I fell over the last blury thing I saw was the boys faces crying over me then I blacked out
Harry's POV
I was screaming for help because she blacked out me an the boys were crying over her Niall said she needs sea food so I listened and angerliy went to get some when I got back I gave it to her she ate it in a blink of an eye she hugged me and said thank u I don't know what I would do if I DIDENT have u guys she hugged Niall anger filling me my fists clenched she asked if I was okay I said ya fine lose ing my grip and she hugged the other boys I'm fine with that but I know Niall likes her ugh I hated that boy always took my gf but I got them back when I did they were brainwashed and I broke with them or they did to me
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