The Victor

(Fanfiction Crossover) When 17-year-old Harry Styles gets chossen for the 71st Hunger Games, he leaves his home in District 7 to the arena. Harry and his fellow District tribute, Wren Olskin, will battle to their death in order to win, but reality hits them when they realize that these games have more to winning. Will this just be another Games, or will this make Panem history?


2. The Tributes of District 7.

I stand frozen as Arora is pushed up to the podium, as reluctant as I was. I swear, if I could control people, every single girl would be volunteering. Arora stops screaming as she slowly inches her way to the bottom of the stairs. 

 "Wait!" somebody screams from the audience. Everybody is silent as I girl my age pushes her way through the crowd. She has redish hair and District 7's trademark eyes, resembling a Avox. Arora's eyes widen as the Peacekeepers lead her back to the audience, being replaced by the Avox girl. She walks up the stairs with ease, but once Krumpet takes her hand and helps her onto the stage, her confidence is reduced. "Well. That was brave! Now, tell me, what is your name?" Krumpet grins at her as she nervously glances through the crowd. "" she murmurs under her breath. "Speak up, lovely!" he pats her back and she sends him a scowl. "Wren Olskin." she spits into his microphone. "Well, then." Krumpet leads me and Wren to the podium where we stand on either side of him.

  "Everybody, may I please introduce you to the tributes of District 7!" Krumpet yells through the crowds, in the cameras, onto the screens where all of Panem watches.

  And now its official.

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