The Victor

(Fanfiction Crossover) When 17-year-old Harry Styles gets chossen for the 71st Hunger Games, he leaves his home in District 7 to the arena. Harry and his fellow District tribute, Wren Olskin, will battle to their death in order to win, but reality hits them when they realize that these games have more to winning. Will this just be another Games, or will this make Panem history?


1. The Reaping.

Hey everybody! This is the 1st chapter I have made for the Crossover Fanfic competition, thanks for support :)


Chapter 1: The Reaping.

The beams of light coming from all directions startles me when I wake up. I jump up and back away, only to fall back down. The dust rising up around me reminds me I'm outside, while the in-natural light that resembles a flashlight reminds me that people are probably looking for me, too. With all these reminders, I flash-back to last night.

 It was 11:00 PM and I was racing through the streets, trying to find the familiar face of Arora. In only 1 hour it will be the start of tomorrow, and tomorrow is the reaping. Arora was simply another child on the street, but more importantly- a scared child. Only a week ago was her 12th birthday, and this will be her 1st reaping. I was running, looking for her, when I slipped on the cobblestone. I fell and blacked out. Now I'm here. The lights focus to the ground after me reaction on squirming and squinting my eyes.

 "Harry?" I hear a female voice ask. I sigh in relief that the light is not coming from a Peacekeeper, any more than my older sister, Gemma. "For God sake! Mom and Robin are worried that you had got taken by the Peacekeepers!" Gemma approaches me and grabs my wrist. I could understand why my mom and stepfather may have worried. The Peacekeepers are not fond of me, yet me and them both have some respect for eachother. I get punished from them the most in District 7. Now that my eyes have adjusted, I find it's about 3 in the morning. 3 hours till the reaping starts. 3 hours to find Arora. My protection over her is strange- I barely know her, but I remember how scared I was my first reaping. It of coarse wasn't any help that my dad disappeared that morning. It's very odd how I somehow relate to that, though. Last night before I went to bed I saw her. She looked through the window from across the road, and I yet still saw her stained cheeks, dyed with tears. I opened me window and beckoned her to come closer. "Whats wrong?" I ask. But I already know, she's scared. She shook her head ans ran. And I chased. And she hid. And I fell. And now I am here, Gemma dragging me back to our house.

 Mom and Robin are sitting at the table when Gemma and I enter the room. "Your alive!" my mom springs to me and wraps her arms around me waist as if I was a stuffed bear of hers. I'm glad she isn't angry, but that will only last so long. Robin, my stepdad, is another story. Truth is, I hate him. He uses me mom as if she was a mule. I never plan on speaking up about this, of course. People dream, right?

 "So your alright by the looks of it. Mind telling us where you were, then?" Robin sits up and walks my way. Gemma dashes behind me and my mom releases her arms. Mom is now noticing I was gone, too. I guess my life is only one priority. Of course punishment is the other. "I was looking for Arora Bregs." I stare into Robin's eyes. They are taken-aback by my straight- forward-ness. Robin scowls at me, "That girl is none of your business!" He growls. In his scowl, I see a hint of pain, guilt even. Never the less, his feelings are over charged by his anger. "Today is her first reaping. I'm not to comfort her?" I ask as I charge into what is called my room. It more resembles a shack, though.

  Once I hear the noise of everybody in the living room die down, I put on my only pair of boots, and hop out my window. Its a 6 feet jump to the ground, but from all my practice falling from tree's, the sharp pain in my spine is ignored. I head for the center of town, close to the Justice Building where I usually find Arora and her siblings begging. Instead I find what seems to be the set up of a soon to be reaping arena.

 My second idea is The Lake. The Lake is where most people bathe, clean their clothes. and even live. The Lake is legally protected so that Lumberjacks don't use the water for their trees. Peacekeepers tend to stay away from The Lake. The Peacekeepers are a bit of a group of slackers, except when it comes to me. The Lake is full today. Many kids cleaning themselves, moms fancy them up. Do their hair, tie their dresses. The boys play by the water, I would love to go and splash with them, but my main priority is to find Arora.


  It's 7:00 AM and I have searched all of District 7. I only find trees, Peacekeepers, and everybody but her. My mom must have taken note of my disappearance though, because by the time I come back to my room, I have clothing on my bed. I strip and change, putting on the fanciest clothes I have. That includes a white T-shirt, a blazer, and black pants. I wash my face, trying my best to make my eyes less blood-shot. 

 After I get ready, I hesitantly make my way to the living room where I find my family waiting for me. Gemma is 20 years old, so she has had her fair-share of reapings. Luckily, I only have 2 more to go. This reaping (like any other) they give you rice and oil every time you enter your name. My name is in there 11 times, unlike me neighbor, Mesa, has put in her name 27 times. Mesa is only 13, but as wise as a 100-year- old. she kind of lost her childhood after her dad left her wither her mentally ill mother, I feel protective over her too. Mesa is scrawny and quiet, so any of my extra food goes to her.

 "I'm ready" I say, looking at the 3 faces as if they were a wall. My mom stands up and fixes my hair while Gemma grabs something from her pocket. Gemma always gives me some kind of good luck token before a Games, this time its some kind of rock. "Fossilized tree bark." she tells me and I feel a lump grow in my throat. My real dad used to collect fossilized stuff, he was a Lumberjack and always loved trees and being around them. I, on the other hand hate trees. The make me feel a bit concealed and that I can't see everything at once.

  Robin stands up and pats me back, giving me a sight smile. My family watches as I head to the Justice Building. I guess I have never worried about not seeing them after the reaping, because my name has never been called, in fact, nobody I know has ever been called. As I jog to the center of town, nearing the crowed of people, somebody yells my name, "HARRY!" I flip around to see my friend, Skene Harriot. As Skene jogs my way, he trips over a stone and falls face forward onto the ground. I can't help but laugh at that. "OH! THAT HURT LIKE SH-" Skene begins, but I finish his sentence. "Be quiet. Come on, lets go get checked in."

 We race eachother to the ID line, and I search for any signs of Arora. Instead, we find my other 2 friends, Gunthur and Gauis. "Well, there they are!" both of them cheer in unison. Skene laughs and I just ignore them and head to the line. "Next" says a Peacekeeper. I stick out my arm as they prick it with a needle. Now they have my DNA which they copy into a computer where they try to find a match. My face appears on the screen, and they push me off to get to the next person. I head to a group where my classmates stand. They boys join me and snicker at this years escort that stands on stage. His face and body is covered with white and blue tattoos, which seem to produce their own light off of his dark skin. He has purple hair that sticks in all directions and bright yellow eyes. His lips are puffed out and he has on neon orange lipstick. This is none other than Krumpet Golsin. He has hosted District 7 reapings since as long as I can remember, each year his style gets more outrageous. I guess that fashion can only be understood in the Capitol.

  The crowd is silent as he adjusts the microphone to fit his height of 4'11. "Welcome everybody to the 71st Hunger Games!" he bellows. Silence. "Well, as always, I like to start with the males," Krumpet stands on top of a stool and leans over into the bowl of envelopes. I turn and see that Gunthur's face has lost its color, and I pat his back. "Lets see..." Krumpet unwraps the tiny slip of paper. "Harry Styles." He reads.

 My mouth drops and I make some odd kind of animal noise. Skene and Gauis' faces go pale. I grab Gunthur's free shoulder to catch my balance. Everybody's eyes turn to me, and I can only imagine what my mom is thinking. 2 Peacekeepers walk up to me from behind and push me forward to the stairs. I grab the railing as I start my way up to the stage. The stairway seems to never end, but once I'm at the top, Krumpet Golsin greets me and leads me to the podium.

 "Your Harry?" he asks with a smile. I bare him a quick nod but then decide that my shoe laces are more interesting than his questions. I guess Krumpet understands because he drags his stool over to the girl's bowl. "Now, ladies..." he grins. With all thats gone on I suddenly remember Arora, I look through the crowd and try to find her face. "Well, well," Krumpet searches around the crowd as if he knows what the tributes face looks like. "Arora Bregs." he looks around the audience. I watch as a little girl with black hair and freckles starts to scream and cry.

 Found her.


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