The Victor

(Fanfiction Crossover) When 17-year-old Harry Styles gets chossen for the 71st Hunger Games, he leaves his home in District 7 to the arena. Harry and his fellow District tribute, Wren Olskin, will battle to their death in order to win, but reality hits them when they realize that these games have more to winning. Will this just be another Games, or will this make Panem history?


3. My Goodbyes.

  Me and Wren sit facing each other in the Justice Building, watching one another's every move. As I start to notice she has scratches and cuts around her arms and legs, my attention gets taken away when a Peacekeeper walks in. "You, follow me." He points to me. I stand up sharply and straighten my shirt before rushing to him. "Your family is 3 doors down the hall, to your left" the man says, I nod and then look back at Wren. "What about her?" I ask. Wren looks up at me, emotionless. "HARRY!" I hear somebody yell down the hall, so instead I run out of the room before I can get an answer.

  I enter a room with blue drapes, velvet chairs, and a rug with patterns on it. The air is clear and I smell something like pies and cookies. I never knew places like this existed in District 7, but then again, its probably Capitol stuff. My family sits in the room on a couch, when I open the doors, they all stand up. "Oh, Harry!" My mom runs to me and checks to make sure I'm alright. Gemma jumps over and digs through her pocket, pulling out a crumpled peice of paper. I snatch it but she grabs it back, "You can't read it yet..." She glances at the piece of paper and stuffs it in my hands, "Just wait." My mom is hugging me and Gems backs away. "Don't worry, mom. Hey- Listen to me. Mom, listen...Mom!" I shake her shoulders, she looks up at me and I see she has been crying. "I'll be back," I grin at her. She sheepishly nods and Gemma breaks out into tears again. Perfect time, too, because at that moment Peacekeepers come in to take them out. Robin walks p to me and Mom and Gemma are getting led out. "Listen, follow my only advice. Stay alive" he whispers it into me ear, with one long breath. voice is dark and raspy, and I shudder. Somehow, his words of wisdom don't do anything but scare me.

 "Harry!...RRY.....HAR! AR! Y!" I hear mom and Gemma scream bits of my name as the doors close shut. I run to door and bang on it, "I'll be back! I promise!" I yell through the wood. I doubt they hear me, though. I sit on a chair with velvet cushions and start to rapidly shake. As a tear begins to form in my eye, the doors open again, and Skene, Gunthur, and Gauis walk in. I stand up and walk to them, but I don't extend my arms, or start crying, or do anything stupid. Instead, we all just stand there, looking at eachother. Eventually, Skene clears his throat, "Listen, Harry..." he starts. Gunthur burst into tears and Gauis pats his back. Skene and me keep staring. "You have to come back here. Show everybody that you made it. Everybody will love you. Just think, your good at getting people to like you. Make everybody love you and you'll get sponsors."

  Skene's advice makes me think. It's true, I am a bit cheeky, and my ability to jump out of a window probably will not benefit my chances in winning. It might work.

  "Don't die!" Gunthur cries. I nod my head to calm him, I would say something, but my throat gets caught. Don't die. Don't die. Don't die. Don't die. As mush as I repeat it, something keeps telling me I am going to end up wherever they put the bodies of the dead tributes. "Gunthur just shut up! Hes not going to die, alright?!?" Skene yells. The room becomes silent and I see Gauis let go of Guthur's shoulder and scoot away. "Guthur, don't worry" I began, but I am not convincing anybody.

  I suddenly remember when I was around 10, before I was old enough to be reaped, I was watching a girl and boy in the Games. The boy was holding a sword by his side and the girl was sobbing in front of him, trying to pull him somewhere. She would tug and tug, and cry and scream, but the boy kept telling her he had to go. "I'll be right back. Right back" he would say. The girl seemed to ignore him, she was pulling him back to a cave. "You can't go. Stay, please. They'll kill you!" she yelled very loud. The boy hugged her and started to walk away. The girl cried, but then fell silent. They boy turned around and saw her on the ground with a axe through her chest, dead. He looked up only to find the axe being through right at him. It landed in his stomach, and he too died.

  Gauis reminded me of the girl, begging me to stay, except I will be the only one dieing. That was the Games our District won, Johannah Mason, that was the youngest victor we have here. She threw the axe, actually. She killed the boy and girl.

  "Listen, be cheeky, be charming, make friends with all the tributes" Skene shakes my shoulders. I bare a half-smile at them as Guthur starts to whimper. The door busts open and in come 2 Peacekeepers. Guthur and Gauis are easily lead out, "Good-bye!" I yell after them. Skene stays planted in the ground when a Peacekeeper tries to lead him out. "I'm not leaving, not yet," he growls. The keeper sighs and grabs him by the waist, flinging Skene over his shoulder. Skene looks at me dead in the eye as he is carried out the doors, 'good-bye, Harry' he mouths out. And then the doors shut.

   I don't bang on the doors, or cry, or scream. I just stand there, staring at the rug. It has details only somebody that wanted to notice could see. 7 birds are in flight, swirling all over the rug. 2 are flying to eachother in the very middle. 4 are flying to the left. 1 is flying in the right corner of the rug, as if trying to run away from the others.

 The door opens, yet again. I look up to see Arora. Her face is stern, and she sticks out a closed fist, "here." I open her hands and see a dried flower. I'm not good with plant names, so I just assign it as 'The yellow flower with pointy petals and a white stem." I take it and put it in my pocket next to the paper Gemma gave me. Arora turns around, "have faith" she says. She then turns the door-knob and walks out of the room. And there she went.


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