never the same.

hi im hayden . and welcome to my life .


2. School.

* this chapter is sad. :( and hayden cuts. :( enjoy! * 

Zayn's P.O.V.

Man she is gorgeous, I thought as I got her number. "Thanks babe. Hope to talk to you soon. But I have to go to work." I said as I rushed out to go to an interview. Shes probably around 18 or 19. I have to tell the boys.

Hayden's P.O.V.

I got my drink and left for school. I hate school. I cut. I started because Bill abuses me and 3 mean girls at my school, Tara, Jessie, and Mackenzie. They bully me everyday. I got to school and saw them outside. I got out of my car and was prepared for the bullying. "Well, well, well here is the fat ugly slob Hayden!" Mackenzie said as Tara & Jessie snickered.  I just walked past and went to class trying not to cry.

* 3 hours later* 

Hayden's P.O.V.

After Spanish ended, I put my books away. Lunch time. Yay, I thought with sarcasm. I have no friends so I always eat in the bathroom. After Lunch we had science, social studies, English then we went home. I got out of the doors and walked to my car. I unlocked it and got in. I started the car and drove home with One Direction playing on the radio. I got home after about 10 minutes and walked in to Bill sitting on the couch drinking a beer, drunk as usual. "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN YOU LITTLE BITCH" he said getting up and coming over to me. "school..." I whispered. "DONT BE SMART WITH ME SLUT." He said slapping with beer on his breath. "Im sorry Bill." I said. "GET UPSTAIRS." He yelled and slapped me once again. "Yes, Bill." I said crying and running up to my room. I shut the door quietly trying not to annoy Bill and got my razors. I picked out the sharpest one and started on my left wrist. It didnt even hurt anymore. I cut for about 5 minutes then my phone buzzed. * from zayn; hey love. wanna meet up tonight?* it read. I texted back * from hayden to zayn; sure around 7?* i texted back. would Bill let me go? I hope. I'll just say im getting him beer or food since  neither of us cook. * from zayn to hayden; sure babe. see you then. x * the text read. I wiped off the blood leaving scars. I got ready and the clock read 6:30. I went downstairs and Bill was sleeping on the couch. I slowly crept and went outside. I had gotten out! This was my time to escape, I thought. I got in my car and met Zayn at the same Starbucks as we met. He was already there, looking perfect.

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