never the same.

hi im hayden . and welcome to my life .


1. Morning.

Haydens P.O.V.

I got up and saw the time, 6:00. I went and got into the shower making sure not to wake Bill. I was quick and dryed my hair letting my blonde curls bounce into place. I got my Jack Wills jeans and shirt on then did my natural makeup. I tiptoed out but heard Bill's door open. Crap, I thought. "BE ANY LOUDER BITCH, I WAS TYRING TO SLEEP." Bill screamed slapping me. "sorry Bill." I said, tears forming in my eyes. I called my father Bill because I hated him so much, he abused me. My parents got divorced, and I was stuck with Bill. We lived in London, where my mom lived in Cali. "FUCKING GET OUT OF MY HOUSE." he screamed, kicking me in the gut. "ok Bill, bye." I said trying not to whimper from the pain. "Bye slut." I heard him mutter as he closed the door. OW, I thought and lifted my shirt up and saw a bruise start or form. I started cyring as I ran out of the house to my car. I got in and drove off to Starbucks to get breakfast. i wiped off my tears, hoping no one saw and got out of my car. As I entered, a boy accidentally hit my bruise softly, causing me to wince. I looked up and saw a gorgeous boy with a blonde streak and brown eyes to die for. "Are you OK?" he asked and helped me up. "Fine.." I muttered under my breath and walked past him. "Did I hurt you??" he asked frantically. "No, no, I'm fine, really." I said faking a smile. "Hey, whats your name? I'm Zayn." he said, nicely. "Hayden. Nice to meet you." I said looking at him, as I got into line. I noticed my cuts were visible and pulled down my sleeve before Zayn or anyone could see. I was up in line. "What can I get for you, today?" a nice woman asked me. "Chocolate Mocha Frap." I said, faking another smile. "Sure thing, hon." She said kindly yelling my order. "Thanks." I said. "Yeah so.. can I have your # before I leave?" Zayn asked politely. "Sure..." I said giving him my number. "Thanks babe. I hope to talk soon. But I have to leave for work." He said as he rushed out. "Hayden!" The woman yelled, and I got my drink.

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