A year in the life of a supporting actor

In 2011 i started to act as a supporting actor in the film Cockneys vs zombies,it was only meant to be a one off.
But i got the bug and carried on while waiting to go to India to marry my wife.
I done a further four films and enjoyed it so much that when i return to uk next year i will carry on.
This is the story of those five films and pictures to go with them.
(Please note that the pictures that go with this did not upload,i guess movellas doesnt do that)


10. Foot note's

Foot notes 2012


Scream magazine e-mailed me on 2-3-2012 re my cockneys vs zombies blog on the internet.

Hi Robert can you e-mail us please thru the contact page at  wwwscreamhorror.com.We would like to ask you something that you may find most interesting,Jasmine.

So I was ver interested and e-mailed them back to find out what it was they wanted from me.

They sent me another e-mail on 3-3-2012.

We are featureing cockneys vs zombies in our may issue of scream magazine do you have any high res pictures we could use for it as we do not have many.We would like to use the picture of you as a zombie and credit you for your help and send you a free copy of the magazine,Rich Cooper.

I sent all the pictures I had of cockneys vs zombies to them and received one more e-mail on 4-3-2012

Thanks Robert will send your magazine out in may,Rich.

Also applied for a hindi movie in Delhi but never heard any thing that was feb 2012.


Then in April this year I had a message from The rise and fall of a white collar hooligan saying that the film was pencilled in for a june release.

Also the official trailer on youtube of the film had me in it as you can clearly  see from the stills below,looking forward to seeing this film.


Me in the trailer.

Me again in the official movie trailer.

The rise and fall of a white collar hooligan will have limited release and is on at the empire leciester square from the 22nd june 2012 for 7 days.

After which the film depending on how well it does will go to dvd.


Facial the short film was submitted to Rain dance film festival in June 2012 and was well received.

The trailer was released on the web site along with the full film on Jokerspack.com.


Director== Mark j Blackman


Length==16 minutes

Format==Arri Alexa

Synopsis==jealously, rage, love and hate are all put to the ultimate test in this unconventional relationship thriller.

After discovering a pornographic video of his girlfriend on line, Scott struggles with the past, present and future as all collide in a finale of bloody regret and lost happiness.

Heard through the grape vine that Cockneys vs. Zombies will be released in September 2012.

The DVD for the rise and fall of a white collar hooligan will be released on July 2nd 2012.


My you tube photo videos=up till 22-11-2012

Cockneys vs zombies---1220 views

The wee man---737 views

The magnificent eleven---38 views

Facial a short film---17 views

Rise and fall of a white collar hooligan---626 views


Independent review

Paul Tanter drama of criminal opportunism recounts the true(ish) story of football yob who gets a shot at the big time.

Nick Nevern plays the titular London hooligan recruited by a gang of credit card fraudsters and launched on a journey through birds, drugs, cash and prison.

It’s your basic chronicle of wrong doing, unrelieved by wit and excitement through Simon Phillips as gang’s supervisor offers some charismatic unpleasantness.


Announced july 2012 that this years Film4 frightnight fest will be at Leicester square empire London from 23rd to the 27th august.

Special guest will be the famous horror director Italian Dario Argento.

Showcased in the fright night fest will be the films creature feature Grabbers, the living dead romp Cockneys vs. Zombies, human experiment Guinea Pigs, the clown comedy Stitches and many more horror films.


Just found out that the Wee Man was shown at the Cannes film festival in May this year.


The wee man 90 mins 2011 gangster blockbuster

This is the story based on the real life of an ordinary young kid from decent hard working parents. Brought up in the notorious area of black hill Glasgow.

And his journey through his teenage years to man hood, the story is set in the sixties, Paul Ferris an 11 year old boy, already he has learned that life on the streets is tough.

Everybody knows his place, poverty breeds corruption, crime, violence and bullying.

Black hill was top of the list; Paul had to witness drunken men fighting on the streets, a corrupt police force which dealt with the violence with their own kind of violence.

For instance six bully policemen kicking some guy half to death why no one dares to ask questions.

Pauls father instilled in him, know nothing, say nothing, do nothing and you can survive.

Never grass as far as Arthur knew Paul was never comfortable working for the god father and he hated his son, a fat slob who lived off his father’s reputation and bullied people for effect.




Cockneys vs. zombies

A gang of bank robbers fight their way out of a zombie infested London.

The magnificent eleven

A modernization of the classic western in which the cowboys are a struggling local football team.

The Indians run a nearby tandoori restaurant and the bandits are a group of menacing thugs led by a maniac known only as American bob.

Now I’m living in India I got 2 e-mails through star now for films that I applied for when I was in England last year.

4-7-2012==from Anjni v

Thank you for Appling for the feature film C.O.O.L.I.O.

If you haven’t been cast yet don’t give up. Final scenes being shot in July 2012in London.


7-7-2012== from Kruga

Prison scene for short film Viral. Casting now in the hands of Vannessa Cole.

If you are still interested e-mail me a picture of yourself and join Ms Coles brand new agency, mail to cellblock39@gmail.com

Prison scene to be shot in London.


Sean Browne star of the short film facial will appear in the great Gatsby in the new London theatre. Also Mark Blackman has said that copies of the short film will be available soon.


2/8/2012—Heard through the grapevine that the wee man will be released in October, it will be a major cinema release.

Sept 2012—Michelle Ryan from cockneys vs zombies to star in the west end musical cabaret.

Rise and fall of a white collar hooligan DVD cover.

Director Ray Burdis is trying to arrange a special premier for all staff and crew members.

The official poster for the film release of rise and fall of a white collar hooligan,first at London cinema then straight on to DVD.

This is the original poster for Cockneys vs. zombies, the one they used while we were on set.

This looks like it could be the poster they use for the release of Cockneys vs. zombies in august 2012.

Cockneys vs. zombies will be on general release 31st august 2012, the trailer is on YouTube, I am in the trailer in the corridor scene.

Cockneys vs. zombies will premier on 23rd of august at fright night feast in Leicester square London. Agent Johnny Lynch is arranging a special V.I.P night for supporting actors, I am in India so will miss this; it would have been a great night.

Lots of interest from fellow zombies would have been a great night, meeting in a club first for a drink and chat then onto cinema.

My scene in the official trailer, I’m near the back but come forward as it goes on.

The cockneys vs. zombies VIP party was a huge success, read some of the comments and a good time had by all, shame I missed this after all my hard work on cockneys.

Cockneys vs. zombie’s now general cinema release from 31-08-2012 with mixed reviews but it looks like it is going to be a success.

The trailers for Facial, the wee man and the magnificent eleven are all now on YouTube, they all look good and I can’t wait to see all the films I have been in when I get back to the uk.


My scene in the short film facial, I am holding the pint glass in the back ground, I have now seen the film and like it very much. It is well acted and directed and is a deep thoughtful film.

The short film facial copies will be available soon heard it from director Mark Blackman on twitter.

Interesting fact about the wee man-Scottish police refused director Ray Burdis permission to shoot any of the film in Scotland, because of on going investigations of Paul Ferris. The film was shot in England while pretending to be in Scotland.

Johnny Lynch the agent has been trying to get together 5000 zombies to meet in London in October 2012 to try and beat the world record for zombies in one place. I was asked of course but I am still in India, it would have been fun.

The official poster for the short film facial used at the short film festivals.

The official poster for the wee man, coming out later this year.

The official poster for the magnificent eleven, coming out later this year.

Cockneys vs. zombies DVD cover.

Cockneys vs. zombies released on DVD and blue ray October 22nd 2012.

Michelle Ryan from cockneys vs. zombies to appear in the west end in the show cabaret.

News—the wee man will be released early next year and that’s from the director Ray Burdis.

The magnificent 11 will be released in March next year 2013 that’s from the director Irvine Welsh on twitter.


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