A year in the life of a supporting actor

In 2011 i started to act as a supporting actor in the film Cockneys vs zombies,it was only meant to be a one off.
But i got the bug and carried on while waiting to go to India to marry my wife.
I done a further four films and enjoyed it so much that when i return to uk next year i will carry on.
This is the story of those five films and pictures to go with them.
(Please note that the pictures that go with this did not upload,i guess movellas doesnt do that)


2. Chapter two

Chapter two


A last foot note for cockneys vs. zombie’s I had a laugh walking home in my zombie make up, the stare’s I got from passing cars ha-ha and I also went into a shop to buy mint’s.

So that was that and I have achieved my goal, being a big zombie fan I had now played a zombie in a movie. But after a little while I got the bug again, I had to stay in England for a while now it seemed, so why not do some more film work.

I set myself up with an actor site on the internet called star now and I started Appling for acting jobs. On the 14th June I got a break through as I had an e-mail from undine b, asking me if I would be interested in a short film called, is this free.

They sent a script in the e-mail which I read, and the story was about a man who went to a café and asked a girl is this free pointing to the spare seat and again in the park asking a man sitting on the bench, is this free.

I told them I would be interested but didn’t hear any thing for a while, but it seems there was a misunderstanding with the date’s, they didn’t send any and I missed out on the shoot but not to be down hearted I kept on Appling.

But the acting game is a cruel one and I didn’t have any thing until I got an e-mail from josh feather at ITV, a London based TV channel. They asked if I would be interested in appearing on a television show called Dinner Date, I got the mail on 26 September. The show is for single men and women who meet up for a blind date and see if they like each other, of course I had to mail back saying thank you for the interest in me but I am not single, god my fiancé would have gone crazy.

Next I had an e-mail from kruga for a feature film called Viral, he said the director was choosing the actors and he couldn’t tell me much about the movie as he was sworn to secrecy.

Again on the 6th October kruga mailed me saying the film would be shot in UK,AMERICA and the CARIBEAN.They had the actor’s Goldie and Sarah Abraham’s now added to the cast, asked me to send some recent photo’s, which I did immediately.

Then on the 2nd November kruga mailed me again ,saying they were looking for actor’s who looked like gangster’s,criminal’s,murder’s,henchmen,assissin type’s, I think I fit the bill very well. Also if I was chosen the payment would be between £100 pounds to £20,000.

But such is the game of acting I never heard from kruga again and I carried on my quest.

Mass of men movement order is a short film and they mailed me on the 3rd October, Alice kelpie mailed me the script, I read and was impressed, wanted me to play a security guard in a DSS office, this is a office in England which deal’s with the unemployment benefit.

But the very next day Alice mailed me, saying they no longer needed me, so another one bite’s the dust, as you will see I am writing each one that came along in order but I might be going back as I did get work, during these times, I thought it better to write the jobs as they came along and went as was the case a lot of the time. Alice said she would keep me on the books for any further projects, so that was nice of her.

Next up was a feature film called 51 Degree’s and the scene I was mailed by Katie b, it was to be an end of the world scene, they are after willing and trustworthy actor’s and I was asked to fill in some detail’s, which I did. Katie mailed again saying the whole crew was excited about the project and all actor’s who appear in the movie get credited, they were also looking for props. They booked me in to see Sarah at the Albany theatre Deptford.

Albany theatre

I went to the Albany theatre in Deptford by train, took about an hour not to bad, I went inside and asked at reception but they had no idea, but said there was some film work going on in one of the room’s. So I found the room and asked if I was late, the woman said no you are fine, and asked me my name, I told her and she couldn’t find me, so she phoned up some one but they didn’t know either. I waited around and saw the other actor’s warming up like they were dancers, then they put on massive spot light’s and I thought shit I’m in the wrong room.

One of the women asked me what sort of dance do I do, then it hit me I was in the wrong place, so I told them why I was there and said I was sorry, but I walked out laughing, it was pretty funny, maybe you had to be there.

I waited in the canteen and after half hour I thought to myself just go home, then I spotted a colured woman and she smiled and came over and said are you Robert. I had found her at last, she asked if a wanted coffee and told me to sit over in the corner with a young man called Adam.

I started talking with Adam, he was a nice young man and I would meet him later on another project. Sarah brought over the coffee’s and we chatted about the work we had done, I had only done one movie at this time and Adam had only done a couple, he played a lab scientist. Sarah took down all our detail’s and told us the end of the world scene was going to be shot in Scotland; they wanted us to be monster’s coming out of the water. A coach would pick us up from the Albany theatre and drive us to Scotland but we had to pay for our own bed and breakfast.

That was fine we me, I love the highland’s of Scotland and was looking forward to doing this, she said they would be in touch and I told her I was free all of November so no problem for me, but that was the last I heard of it, they never did get in touch, as I’ve said a hundred time’s, this is the acting game, hit and miss and getting a lucky break.

Then I had an e-mail from Jan Asking me to be in a feature film called Scar Tissue, to play a prison scene, the director Scott was still looking for actor’s and location’s, he had a list of actor’s but had not yet looked through it, said they would be in touch with me soon. Yes you guessed right reader; I didn’t hear a thing from them again.

But next you will be pleased to know, I did get a break through and this is when I first meet a man who would get me more work, agent called Johnny Lynch.

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