A year in the life of a supporting actor

In 2011 i started to act as a supporting actor in the film Cockneys vs zombies,it was only meant to be a one off.
But i got the bug and carried on while waiting to go to India to marry my wife.
I done a further four films and enjoyed it so much that when i return to uk next year i will carry on.
This is the story of those five films and pictures to go with them.
(Please note that the pictures that go with this did not upload,i guess movellas doesnt do that)


3. Chapter three




I got the e-mail from Simon b on the 6th October, asking me to turn up at Wimbledon film studio’s on the Sunday for a feature film called the rise and fall of a white collar hooligan between 2pm till 6pm.Payment was to be £5 per hour, they want me to play a football hooligan and said we think you will be perfect for this shooting.

Also on the Saturday before the agent Johnny Lynch texted me saying to wear old clothes’, no football shirts and the shoot was going to be fun and exciting. So I was all set for my second movie on the 9th October.

My mum bless her gave me a lift to Wimbledon film studio, it was only a 20 minute drive and she wished me luck as she went. I went into the main office and was told to go through to the large hall. I sat down and there where a few other people there, I had turned up early. As the hall began to fill up I noticed a couple of guy’s from cockneys vs. zombies. I went over and we all started to chat, Alan if you remember from the first chapter and a man who I think was Chris, he reminded me so much of some one I knew in Spain, I lived and worked in Spain for six year’s.

Alan told me since cockney’s vs. zombie’s he had only one job and that was pushing a supermarket trolley round, while they filmed the main cast, I told him this was only my second film. Chris was saying that he fancied another zombie film which was being shot in Somerset, I had heard of this through star now but it was to far to travel so I didn’t apply for the part. After about an hour one of the producers came up and told us there were water and tea and coffee.

After a cup of coffee we were put into groups and then we were told to start shouting but we could not say any football team name’s as this would be a copy right breach. Then some of the other’s start to chant, you’re not singing any more and who are you, so we carried on with that. Then we were lend onto the set, wow it looked so real, it was a street with pillar box and shop’s. They had a Chinese take away, laundrette, hair dressers, car hire etc.



The action got under way, as we where put into two large group’s, facing each other we were rival gang’s, the star of the movie Nick Never was in my gang and I spoke to him before filming asking him about the small camera’s the director was using, I was used to the large camera’s like on cockney’s vs. zombie’s, he said they were great and in one shot they done in France he could see a pimple on his face it was that clear, he was a funny man.He told me when filming in France the people who where looking on kept asking Simon Phillips for his autograph as they thought he was Clive Owen a famous English actor and when I saw Simon I had to admit he was the splitting image.

One of the crew who was in charge of the gang scene got us ready.


The scene started with the two gang’s shouting at each other, we had to swear any thing that came to mind and make as much noise as possible, after a few take’s the director wanted the two gangs to meet in the middle as if going for a massive brawl.

The prop girl gave me a plastic bottle, it was heavy and could hurt some one I thought to myself, all that shouting and swearing was quiet breathe taking and I was sweating a lot as well the evening was a warm one for October.

So plastic bottle in hand, the director told us to rush towards the other gang still shouting and to raise the bottle over my head as I ran. Now this took a few takes, the director was shooting from the side and was not happy with the first few; we kept doing it over and over.  THE GANG TAKE TOOK A WHILE


I kept giving it my all, shouting my lungs out and running and raising the bottle over my head as if to hit some one, finally the director was happy with the shot, I also noticed there was a camera from one of the top window’s filming a different angle. Nick nevern at this point got a bottle smashed over his back and fell to the floor and the actor’s pretended to kick him. Before the next take we were allowed to have a welcome break.



The next scene was to involve a burning car, I saw the prop man with a gas canister and a pipe leading into the car, one of the actor’s was to smash the side window and throw in a fire bomb and then the prop man would put the gas burner on inside the car to set it a light. The scene went well and looked really good, with the car bursting into flames as we all screamed and shouted in the back ground.

Prop man putting out the fire in the car


Straight onto the next scene, we were told to stand on the street corner and one gang was outside the pub, my gang on the other side, we shouted abuse at each other and then we were given fake brick’s to throw, the director said to duck and make it look like they were real brick’s don’t let them hit you and bounce off, it would look stupid. So standing outside a house we throw bricks at the other gang while shouting and screaming again then the police van came racing up and we all ran down the street till we were out of camera shot.

This scene took a while some time’s the brick’s just looked silly bouncing off people then the police van kept turning up to early, finally after running up and down the street the scene was over, the director was happy.

Now the final scene of the day, it involved riot police, now I would be in one gang and in the opposite side would be the riot police with there shields and battens drawn, we would rush the police and do battle with them.



The scene went well we only had about three take’s before the director said it was good, I rushed into the police and I was wrestling one of them as the director said cut, it was great fun. It looked so real as the smoke bomb was thrown as well and the whole scene just went up in smoke as the director cut, it was a good move from him and faded the scene out nicely.

Just one more little scene before we went home, nick and Simon were talking in the gang, I was right by them and was told to mouth swearing and shouting but to keep silent as they spoke there line’s, it went along the line’s of hello mate haven’t seen you in a while do you fancy a beer in the pub, ok mate nice one, that’s as best as I can remember.

We had finished and I was in line for a good exposure as I was in front in all of the scene’s, one last thing before home, I queued up for my money, I had been on set for four hour’s and got my £20 pounds.

It had been an exciting shot but very tiring and my voice had almost gone, I meet Johnny Lynch on the set and it was good to see him, we got on very well from this time and if I ever went back into film’s I will contract him straight away, a great agent.

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