A year in the life of a supporting actor

In 2011 i started to act as a supporting actor in the film Cockneys vs zombies,it was only meant to be a one off.
But i got the bug and carried on while waiting to go to India to marry my wife.
I done a further four films and enjoyed it so much that when i return to uk next year i will carry on.
This is the story of those five films and pictures to go with them.
(Please note that the pictures that go with this did not upload,i guess movellas doesnt do that)


7. Chapter seven



I set off for the shoot on the 17th December and it didn’t start off well as the station I want mill farm the man in the ticket booth had never heard of it, then he found it and said in 20 years he had never heard of it, I did have to laugh. The journey was a bad one, changing stations and then when I finally got to mill lane Eastleigh it started to rain, I walked about a bit and I was lost, so I decided to go back to the station and as luck would have it ,I met some actors on their way, so I tagged along with them.

Then when we got to the venue we were told it was the back entrance, so in the rain we walked round the back only to be told it was the front, so again we went round the front and this time we were shown in.I sat down with a coffee and started chatting to some young people, they were nice and hadn’t done much film work, so I told them about what I had done. Then we saw the main star’s showing up, Sean pertwee, Paul barber and Keith Allen, then three famous former footballers Chris kamara,ian walker, Dion Dublin.

I went over to Chris kamara when I saw he and Ian walker were letting people take their picture, I asked Chris and he said no problem mate and then I asked Ian, he was a bit more silent.



We waited around for the coach to pick us up and take us to the playing fields, I was asked what size boot I took but the only football boot they had was size ten, miles to big for me, and so I didn’t get to play in the team. I was going to be a supporter of the star team. The coach took us to the playing field, it was just an ordinary school park playing field with a football pitch, and the goals didn’t even have nets.

It was so cold; I had a black Woolley hat which I put on when they weren’t filming to keep my ears warm. The first shot was with Keith Allen and he made me laugh, he stayed in the van with the heating on and then at the last minute just as they were going to shot he runs out onto the pitch and he done this again and again saying I’m not standing round in the cold waiting for takes ha-ha.




Then it was my turn, I stood right next to the goal post and I had to shout as the other team were going to score against Ian walker, I just used things like, pick up the runner, come on lads don’t let them come forward, the shot took ages as the man who was meant to score kept missing and a few times Ian walker saved, after a long time the player finally scored and I put my hands on my head, saying no.Then I waited at the side lines as they took more shots of passing the ball and some fails etc,then it was lunch.

We walked back to the hall and lined up for lunch, it was chicken and rice, I ate with the rest of the crew, the main actors keeping to themselves’s.I went to get a coffee and I saw Sean pertwee,I said hello and I loved him in Dog Soliders,he said cheers mate.

Then it was back to the cold and I mean it was freezing, I couldn’t feel my hands and feet by the end of the day, I put my Woolley hat on every time they had a break. This time the scene was at the other end of the pitch, I was still by the goal post as Ian walker saves the ball and then is meant to take it out to half way line and score.




To do this they had him save and then run to middle of pitch and cut, then with just him kicking the ball into the goal, only it never happened, he tried again and again, it went over the bar, to the side. Finally Dion Dublin took over and after a few tries he got the ball in the goal. They filmed just the ball going in, then they filmed Ian walker jumping for joy. This scene as you can imagine took for ever, we us cheering Ian on, I was frozen, the things I do to be in the movie’s ha-ha.It was getting dark so the director wanted to quickly get the last scene in, it was to be us the fans walking home after our team had won, we had to talk and punch the air in victory as the final whistle went and we walked across the pitch.

Remember it was a long walk across the whole pitch then to the gates and we had to do this about four times before the director shouted that’s a wrap, thank heaven I thought I was frozen. On the way back I started to talk to a woman called Linda, she had been a host on the QVC channel on sky television and was doing supporting work to see what it was all about, she was a nice woman and I said good bye after picking up my £20 pounds to her and some of the youngsters I meet at the start.

I went home, it had been a hard long day and I was tired. But the next day I was back in Deptford at the Albany theatre, I arrived early so I found a café and had a full English breakfast and coffee.   

Then I waited outside the theatre for it to open, then I saw Adam, we said our hello’s and he to had never heard from the feature film 51 degree’s after we both went for that interview, oh well I had long got over that one, it was a shame like I said I would have loved to go to Scotland again. The theatre opened and I and Adam waited a while then three more actors’ turned up, we all said our hellos and waited and waited.

About an hour later the man turns up saying he is sorry he got delayed and asked us to sit down in the café and get coffee, we did and he sat behind us with one of his friends, I told Adam and the others what I had done since we last meet and Adam said he had only done a pop video, chasing a girl on a motor bike, sounded weird ha-ha.

Then we heard that the camera man had not turned up and to cap it all it started to rain outside. This music video I was to play an angry protester with the other four, holding boards up and shouting abuse at the singer as he came out of a building, it all sounded good to me.But it never happened, the man came up to us about an hour later and said he was sorry but the shoot had been cancel due to the rain and could we all come back after the new year.

I told him I was going to India to be with my wife mid January, he said that might be a problem, any way I left and went home. That was my crazy 2011 in the film industry and you know what it was hard work some times with not much pay but I loved every minute of it.On a foot note I received an e-mail from john re the angry protester music video on 9th January 2012 but by then it was to late my acting career had been pit on hold with me moving to India or had it.I have applied for two Hindi movies, who knows.

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