A year in the life of a supporting actor

In 2011 i started to act as a supporting actor in the film Cockneys vs zombies,it was only meant to be a one off.
But i got the bug and carried on while waiting to go to India to marry my wife.
I done a further four films and enjoyed it so much that when i return to uk next year i will carry on.
This is the story of those five films and pictures to go with them.
(Please note that the pictures that go with this did not upload,i guess movellas doesnt do that)


5. Chapter five



Johnny Lynch texted me on the 1st December, asking me to take off photo clip I had put on YouTube of rise and fall of a white collar hooligan, he explained that the director wasn’t happy it was on there as the movie would be released soon. Johnny had told the director that I got there early and went to street set really so I missed the talk about not putting any thing about the movie on the net. I took the photo clip off and texted Johnny back, he later texted saying the director said thank you and once movie was released I could put it back on YouTube.

Then I got mail from director mark who was shooting a short film called Facial, asking me to be in a bar scene, I mailed back saying I would be there, I was glad of the work. It was in wands worth not to far from me and it was on a Saturday, the Saturday my local football team Sutton united were playing in the FA cup 2nd round against Nott’s county. I told them I would go to football match first then after get a taxi to wandsworth.I went to the match which we lost 2-0, and throughout the game one of the crew Zoë kept texting me, saying hope your team is winning see you at shot later, I think they were scared I wouldn’t show up. After the game my friends were all going to the pub but I had to go to shoot, so said to them I might see you later if I finish early.

I got a taxi to the pub in wands worth.


Inside Zoë said she was glad I made it and introduced me to the director mark j Blackman, he was a nice man and told me these were the last scene’s to be shot and the film should be out early next year, he was hoping to win some awards at short film festival’s to help fiancé a feature film for the future.

I meet the other actor’s and we sat down having a drink, I was given one pint of beer to be used in scene, which I could drink. The director said it should only take about two hours at the most. I was put near the door way of pub at a barrel which was used as a table and I had two others with me, a woman from Poland, who told me she had been in London for 9 years before all the polish started coming to England, even she couldn’t believe the amount of polish in England now. The other was a young man, he seemed ok.We stood around table, then the young man started at the bar getting a drink then came back to our table and we stood there talking, when the girl got hit we all looked up in shock, like you do in a pub.

The scene went like this, man gets drink come’s back to our table, then barman says I didn’t know it was still on lap top to young girl, her boyfriend walks in drunk and see’s her talking to her ex boy friend the barman, they start to argue and he accidently hits her and the barman grabs hold of him and hits his head on the bar top, then the scene finishes.

We played this out a few times before the director was happy, and then could have a break for ten minutes.




When we came back from the break the director said that it was all done, the only thing left was some back ground noise, so one of the crew got the microphone and held it up high, while we all started to talk loudly to each other.

The crew member then started to laugh after about ten minutes, she thought it was really funny, lucky the director had got what he wanted and that was a wrap.

I managed to get back to Sutton in time before the pub’s shut and have a few drinks with my friends, so not a bad day all in all.

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