Friends or Soulmates??

Jackie goes to England over the summer because her parents need some time alone. She stays in the five star hotel and runs into 5 boys. As she starts hanging out with them more they find out shocking news and she starts to realize that she has loved one the whole time, but she doesn't want to ruin these deep friendships she has with the boys. When something tragic happens forcing her to show her true feelings.


4. Model Shoot and Danielle!!


I woke up to the sound and smell of sizzling bacon. My stomach rumbled so I shuffled into the kitchen. Trevor was standing over a pan with bacon and he was so focused that he didn't notice me till I pecked him on the cheek.

"I got some orange juice." He pointed to the fridge. I scrunched my nose,

"I hate orange juice," I reached in and pulled out an apple juice juice box.

"Aren't those for like 5 year olds?"

"Obviously not. Plus they taste better than the juice in the big jugs." He smiled at me and went back to cooking the bacon. "Are you cooking anything else with the bacon?"

"I was thinking pancakes." I nodded and got to work. I finished with the last of the batter right when he finished with the last of the bacon. I poured him some of the nasty orange juice and got myself another juice box. We took our plates and drinks in to the 'living room'. I turned on the TV and picked out NCIS.

"Do we have to watch this while eating?" Trev whined.

"Awww does wittle Twevor have a weak stomach?" I cooed

"No." He bit back, I couldn't help but smile at my small victory. We sat and ate, Trevor groaned and covered his eyes when there was a part with corpses. We had just finished eating when someone knocked on my door.

"ROOM SERVICE!" The person yelled in a fake high pitched voice, I knew it was one of the boys. I opened the door and Louis barged right in.

"Hello love, good to see your out of bed and not grumpy." I slapped his shoulder,

"Hi, what are you doing here?"

"Well me and the boys were wondering if you wanted to come to the studio and hear some of our songs?" I looked at the clock and almost screamed.

"I would love to Louis but I have to get to that shoot! I have 20 minutes to get there!"

"We can take you, you said the ELLE building right?"

"Lou that would be awesome but I have a guest,"

"Oh would this be the guy that you brought home last night?" I couldn't help the blush that crept up my cheeks, I nodded and that was when Trevor came in.

"Hi. I'm Trevor."

"I am Louis one of Jackie's friends." Trevor nodded but seemed a little skeptical.

"Trev, I need to go to a shoot. You can come if you want... unless you have something else to do."

"I need to get to work but what are you doing tonight?"

"I don't have anything planned, why?"

"I'll meet you here at 7:30, were something nice," I smiled and kissed him goodbye. I turned to Lou who watched the whole thing.

"Did you like the show?"

"It was a little disturbing. So do you want that ride?" I laughed and nodded. I grabbed my phone and purse then left with Lou. "The boys are probably already in the van." I followed him to the van and got in, he was right the rest of the boys were sitting waiting.

"Are you coming to the studio!?!?" Niall asked all excited.

"Sorry Nialler but no. I have that shoot to go to.. remember??"

"Oh.. Ya.. Well you can always come another time!!" I laughed at his enthusiasm.

"Alright Niall." I smiled at him and he grinned back. We got to the ELLE building and I got out, the boys all screamed bye witch made me laugh. I walked into the building and walked up to the receptionist.

"Hello. May I help you?"

"I am Jackie James... I have a shoot today?"

"OH! Miss James!! Right down that hallway second door on the right!" I smiled and thanked her then walked into the room.

"Jackie your here!" A man who a assumed was my manager rushed over and wrapped me in a hug.

"Uh.. I said I would be."

"I know sorry, but you are cutting it close."

"Yeah sorry I wasn't watching the time. So were do they want me?"

"We would like you to come sit in this chair for hair and makeup." Blondie snapped. Obviously someone was a little moody.

"Oh hello! Your a new face, whats your name?" The gay guy doing my hair asked. I say gay because I just saw him swapping saliva with another guy.

"Jackie James."

"OOOOH Your Becca's daughter! She talks about you non-stop,"

"Really?" I was a little shocked I thought that I always disappointed my mother.

"Yes! Sometimes I can't seem to shut her up!" I laughed, it felt good hearing this, "And she wasn't exaggerating when she told me you were getting to be drop dead gorgeous!!" That made me blush and grin.

"Oh Garrett stop. She isn't getting to be drop dead gorgeous! She IS drop dead gorgeous." Blondie interrupted. "Sorry for being bitchy earlier, I just got done fighting with my ex. He wants to get back together after he cheated on me."

"Oh mi god NO! I will not allow it even though I just met you. That is outrageous!" I exclaimed, which made her smile.

"I'm Rachel by the way." I smiled at her

"Are you guys going to be my makeup and hair people for every shoot?"

"We were just hired for this one. But if you are thinking of going full time you could arrange it." Rachel responded sounding kind of hopeful. She was done with the eye shadow which was a dark blue shimmer, she put on silver eyeliner around my eyes, and some cherry red lipstick on my lips.

"Trust me when I go full time you guys will be right there with me." I said, it made them both smile like idiots.

"Alright is she ready for the clothes?" Another girl asked. She had beautiful long straight red hair.

"Make up is done!" Rachel exclaimed right when Garrett said, "Hair is done!"

"Yepp you guys will definitely be my hair and make up." I reassured once I got a glance at myself.

"Alright on to clothes Miss James." Ginger dragged me into a dressing room.

"You can call me Jackie. I don't like being called Miss James... too sophisticated." That made her smile.

"And you can call me Lacey, or Lace either one." I smiled at her then stripped my clothes. She handed me a flowy long sleeve blue shirt and some black skinny jeans. Garrett had curled my hair so Lacey put a beany on my head and arranged some of my curls to frame my face and the rest were tucked up in the hat. She also slipped a heart shaped zebra necklace over my head, it stopped right by my boobs, then I slipped on the very cute blue heels.

"Wow you look amazing... we tried this on anther model and we had to pick out a whole new outfit, it just didn't look good on her... I think it is your bangs and hair color. Well go on they don't like waiting." Lace pushed me out and the photographer almost dropped his glass.

"No one else could pull of this outfit... It's your straight across bangs! Alright girlie get up there!" He pushed me on the set and started clicking away, he kept making funny comments and orders, I couldn't help but laugh, I blew kisses at the camera, spun around laughing and looked over my shoulder biting my lip.

"YOU my dear are done but I want you to come back!"

"Only one outfit?" I pouted.

"We only needed one more outfit and model to finish the magazine for the month, but if I have anything to say about it you will be back for more! I mean look at these!" He scrolled through all the pictures, "I don't think there is one bad one!"

"Thanks Randy but I think there will be a few." I laughed.

"Jackie Darling! How are you!?" The head of ELLE came and pecked both of my cheeks,

"I'm good."

"She is not just good! She is GREAT! Look at the photos!" Randy pulled her over to the computer.

"Oh MY! She will come back, won't you?"

"If you want me to." I smiled, she smiled back,

"You can keep those clothes, they look dashing on you. I must be going, I will have Gwen get your contact info. Goodbye!" I saw Anthony run over to a girl who I guessed was Gwen.

"Anthony!" I called.


"Since I am now going to be in the modeling business I will need a full time staff for hair and makeup... I want them to be Garrett and Rachel."

"Of Course anything you want." I smiled and went over to Garrett, Rachel and Lacey.

"You did amazing! You will be shot right up to the top!" Rachel exclaimed.

"I just wanted to have fun. My mom was always so serious, I hated it." I looked at Rachel and Garrett, "So I have decided to be a full time model and well you guys are now my full time 'staff'"

"YAY!! I didn't want to work for anyone else after I met you." I laughed at Garrett's comment, my phone vibrated on my chair and I went to get it.

From Lou: We are done... you want us to pick you up??

To Lou: That would be awesome!

From Lou: Good because we are already here. :D

I laughed, of course they were. I went back over to my three new friends.

"Hey guys I need to go, but I would love to hang out sometime." Garrett immediately swooped in and hugged me then he shoved his phone in my face. I typed in my number and did the same with Rachel and Lacey. Then I got my purse and clothes and left. I got in the van with the boys.

"Wow is that what you wore for the shoot?" Zayn asked.

"Yeah.. The head person I forget her name said I could just keep them because I looked too good in them." That made the boys laugh,

"Can't disagree. So do you have some of the pictures?" Niall asked, I nodded and dug them out of my purse, Randy had shoved them in my hands before I left.

"Jackie you were meant to be a model!" Harry exclaimed. I laughed and shook my head. I snapped a picture of one of the photos and sent it to Trevor.

To Trev <3: Is this nice enough for tonight? 

It took a few minutes for him to respond, which made me nervous. I couldn't sit still but thankfully the boys didn't notice they were still commenting on my photos.

From Trev <3: You look amazing in that, keep it on!

I laughed and replied,

To Trev <3: Yes sir! See you tonight ;)

I looked up to see all the boys looking at me. I felt my cheeks get hot with all the attention, Harry cleared his throat and turned on the radio thankfully. The boys started singing to the song, everyone was singing nicely until Niall started singing like a dead whale. It then turned into a who-can-sing-the-worst contest and I was the judge. I couldn't stop laughing at the terrible sounds that were coming from the boys,

"Liam was the worst by far!" I gasped, I still couldn't stop laughing, then my phone started ringing. I took a deep breath trying to control my laughter.


"Hey! I need to know which hotel your staying in.... though it would be best if you could pick me up." Danielle answered.

"Alright, when should you be here?"

"Well I am in the airport in London right now."

"OK hold on." I turned to Liam who was driving. "Hey Liam do you think that we could stop at the airport for one more passenger?"

"Sure thing. We will be there in a few,"

"Thanks," I put the phone back to my ear, "We will be there in a few."

"We?" She squeaked.

"Ya I am with the boys." I heard her take a deep breath.

"Okay..." I hung up on her, looked around and saw that someone was going to have to sit on someones lap.

"Hey Lou can I sit on your lap?"

"WHAT!?" Harry screamed. "THAT IS MY LAP TO SIT ON ONLY!"

"Sure thing Jackie." Lou answered winking at me. Harry started sulking in the front seat. We got to the airport, I hopped out and helped Danielle load her bags into the back. I climbed in and plopped on Louis lap. Harry growled at me,

"Excuse me?" I asked turning to him, he shot me a glare then poked me. "Poke me again and I'll bite it." so he poked me again, and I grabbed his hand and bit his finger. Harry didn't talk to me for the rest of the ride to the hotel and I didn't talk to him. Me and Danielle went to my room and the boys went to theirs.

"So what is this date I was hearing about from Niall?" Danielle questioned.

"Oh, it is just a date with this guy I met, nothing serious." I shrugged it off.

"When can I meet him?"

"Tonight he is meeting me at the room. His name is Trevor he has black hair and vibrant green eyes. He is a few inches taller than me and he is in very good shape," I smile at that remembering last night when I found out he didn't sleep with shirts on. Danielle nodded laughing at me,

"What?" I asked

"You really like him."

"I should, I am going on a date with him!" that made us both laugh, we got to my room and I pulled out the key.

"Hotels here are different then in America." I nodded at Danielle's statement.

"Well this is really an apartment building but I keep calling it a hotel since I am only staying the summer."

"That makes sense." She yawned and I looked at the time. 3:30, wow we took a long time driving to the building.

"You can take a nap. The bed is super comfy." She nodded and went in to take a nap. I plopped on the couch and turned on the TV.

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