Friends or Soulmates??

Jackie goes to England over the summer because her parents need some time alone. She stays in the five star hotel and runs into 5 boys. As she starts hanging out with them more they find out shocking news and she starts to realize that she has loved one the whole time, but she doesn't want to ruin these deep friendships she has with the boys. When something tragic happens forcing her to show her true feelings.


7. Kidnapped and rape??


I woke up and tried to get out of bed but Jackie tightened her hold on me. I smiled, it felt good to be wanted by her. I knew she would have a killer headache so I somehow wiggled out of her death hold and put a pillow in my place, not wanting to wake her up I tiptoed out of the room and into the kitchen. I rummaged around and found aspirin, I got four out and then I poured two glasses of water. I put one glass and two aspirins next to Danielle who was sleeping on the couch and then I went back into the room and put the other glass and two aspirins by Jackie. I left a note, kissed her on the forehead,I think she smiled and left.


I felt something on my forehead...lips, someone had just  kissed my forehead, LIAM! I smiled, he was too good. He slept with me last night all because I asked him too though he didn't seem unwilling at all, I squinted my eyes open and saw a piece of paper by a water and two pills. Right when I opened my eyes my head started throbbing, I grabbed the pills and took them with the water, then I got the note.


I am sorry but I had to leave. Me and the boys have a few things we need to do at the studio. If you and Danielle want to go anywhere you girls can come to the studio. Show Sue the note and they will show you to where we are. We will only be there till around noon. Hope you don't have to bad of a hangover.


P.S. I loved waking up to having you right next to me. I hope we can go on a date soon but whenever your ready I'll be ready. (hugs)

I couldn't keep the smile and heat that grew on my face down. He was so sweet, I had to wake Danielle up. I wanted to go to the studio. I looked over at the clock, 10:30. I had 2 and a half hours time to get moving!! I first went into the kitchen and made some coffee knowing Danielle would be a little more easier to coax out of bed with a cup of coffee.

"Hey Teddybearrrrr." I cooed,

"Go Awayyyy!!" She moaned into the couch cushion.

"Fine, I guess I will drink all my awesome coffee and I will go to the studio for the boys all alone! Niall would be so sad."

"Whatever. When are they done?"

"12 and its 10:30 so I'm gunna hop in the shower and then you?"

"Sounds good...What happened to Mrs. Grumpy in the morning??"

"Oh she had a major remake when she was kissed on the forehead and was left a very adorable note. Soooo drink your water and coffee and take those pills!!" With that I skipped to the shower. Spending the night with Liam did wonders on my mood. I have to admit waking up before one makes the day look a lot more meaningful. I hop in the shower do I quick scrub down and wash my hair good, wanting it to smell good.

"I'm doooneee!!" I sing loudly so Danielle can hear me. I don't get a response so I walk out in my towel to see her completely passed out on the couch. I sigh,

"Hey noob..... I'll go with out you and bring the boys back when they are done. I am sure Niall will understand."

"Thanks." She mumbles and then I go back to my room. I thought I had gotten way more wasted then her but maybe my body deals with hangovers way better. I shrug to myself and rummage threw my drawers. It was mid fall and today looked like one of those decent days so I got out some capris then I looked around, draped on the only chair I had in the room was Liam's red Jack Willis hoodie. I knew that it would mean something if I wore it in public but I didn't give a shit. I knew in that moment that I was falling in love with him, it wasn't like what me and Trevor had, this felt more...real, more intimate. I threw on the hoodie then got out my low top red converse. Threw my hair in a bun whipped on some eyeliner and natural eye shadow and was out the door 10 minutes after my shower.

I was about a block away from the studio when someone grabbed my wrist and yanked me back into the alley, I felt a cloth go over my mouth and nose while I struggled and right before I passed out I shoved my phone in my bra strap on my back.


We only had one song left to record when Danielle walked threw the doors. We were having a little break so she hadn't interrupted anything but when she looked over the whole room she did a double scan.

"Jackie's in the bathroom riiiiight!?" She asked I shook my head along with the other boys. Jackie hadn't come in at all. Then she whipped out her phone and started texting like a mad women. When she looked up again she looked like she had seen a ghost. 


When I walked in to the recording booth they were in I didn't see Jackie at first so I looked around a second time. I got worried...what if something happened!? It would be all my fault just because I was too sleepy to get ready in time.

"Jackie's in the bathroom riiiiight!?" I asked hoping that they would all nod their heads and reassure me but instead they all shook their heads confused. I whipped my phone out and started texting her but then I stopped not wanting to spam her too much that she couldn't answer. Immediately I got a text back.

From Jackie<3<3: Of course I am fine! Thanks for asking Danielle...Though Jackie isn't at her best...I will have her contact you when she is in a better state.-Trev XOXO

I could feel my face pale. This wasn't good. Jackie would have put her phone somewhere odd so she could still have it even when she woke up...He must have undressed her. I got angrier thinking about the things he could be doing, I almost lashed out when someone tapped my shoulder.

"Danielle....Whats wrong you went from pale as a ghost to red in seconds." Niall spoke softly.

"Jackie left the apartment a few hours ago to come here. On her way Trevor somehow picked her up and he now has her." I showed everyone the text. Everyone looked furious, but Liam looked ready to kill. " get her phone he had to have undressed her...."

"Why would he had to have undressed her?" Zayn asked.

"Well when we both turned 14 our parents had us take a thingy...Some people from the CIA or FBI would come and talk to us about stuff but it wasn't like a normal self defense class, they would take us to scenes and to interrogations, the very first thing they taught us was about what we should do if we are ever kidnapped and one was to put your phone in your bra or undies." Liam was about to blow I could tell.

"Where would he have taken her?" Liam gritted out.

"Li you can't do anything stupid." Niall warned.

"Nothing is stupid when it comes to Jackie's well being." He snapped.

"Liam that was stupid. Don't argue with your friends that care about Jackie too. All they want to do is help you both." I said calmly.


"Calm down. I am not telling you till you say something sensible." I bit back. Liam took a deep breath make that like five deep breaths, His face color went back to normal.

"Ok." He sighed. "We need to talk to the cops and then think up some kind of plan with them before we barge in, just incase he harms her from surprise or from like holding her hostage or something."

"Now that is more like the Liam Payne I know!" I cheered. He dialed the number for the police and started talking with them.


I shivered, 'I shouldn't be cold. I had a hoodie on...' I thought, I moved my hand to my bare stomach...wait BARE!? Where was I, last thing I remember was someone grabbi...Trevor! SHIT! I looked down and I was in a black lace push up bra with boy shorts to match and white with black stripes tube socks. Disgusting. He totally undressed me and put on new undergarments!!

"Oh hey babe. Glad your up." Trevor said casually while walking in.

"Where are my clothes?" I hissed

"Oh I left them at your apartment. You won't be going out too often for now so I will be picking out your daily clothes."

"You disgust me." He tasked at me while shaking his head and walking over to me.

"You will learn to be nice, and loving towards me." He wrapped his arms around me and all of a sudden I had no bra.

"What!? Give me back the bra."

"You chose this...Don't be mean. Maybe you'll get it back in a few hours." He licked his lips and bent to kiss my chest. I slapped his face and ran to the bathroom. He grabbed something while laughing and coming after me.

"The only locks in this place are on the windows and doors leading outside." He threw the door open. "Come here and I will think about not hurting you."

"If you really cared you would let me go."

"And loose you? I don't think so." He cut the underwear on both sides and they fell to the floor.

"This is rape!!"

"Is it?" Then he slashed at my side. I winced at the pain but spit in his face. He backed me up against a wall making sure there was no room in between us and he slammed his lips against mine, when he forced his tongue into my mouth I bit it and he slammed my head against the wall. I fought not to black out but couldn't stop it from happening. Everything went black.

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