Friends or Soulmates??

Jackie goes to England over the summer because her parents need some time alone. She stays in the five star hotel and runs into 5 boys. As she starts hanging out with them more they find out shocking news and she starts to realize that she has loved one the whole time, but she doesn't want to ruin these deep friendships she has with the boys. When something tragic happens forcing her to show her true feelings.


6. From one extreme to another

JACKIES POV (2 months later)

It has been awhile since mine and Trevor's first date. I have gone to many shoots making a lot of new friends. Most models are nice and they only look bitchy on the runway because they have to. I hang out with Trevor more and more and the boys less and less, and he seems to get more and more clingy/obsessive. Whenever we are out in public and he catches a guy looking at me he complains and grips me tighter, he has left some bruises but nothing too serious.

"JACKIE!!" Louis screams, snapping me out of my thoughts,

"Hmmm? what?" I say shaking my head.

"We want to know if you are free tonight to hang with us." I look around at the boys, Danielle and Rachel. I haven't really hung out with them... ALL of them.

"I'd love to but let me check with Trev." I go to pull out my phone but Rachel snatches out of my hands.

"No. You will go get dressed and if he asks you are busy hanging with friends. He has been keeping you for himself. I have only talked with you at shoots! And you are always with him so now we are kidnapping you!"

"AGREED!!!" Louis and Harry shouts then Danielle and Rachel grab my arms and legs and drag me into the room, I start laughing.

"Okay, okay!! I'll go with you guys with out a fight and with out talking to Trev about it!" Danielle lets go and so does Rachel and they high five each other. My phone starts ringing and Rachel tosses it to Danielle.

"Hello.....Oh hi Trevor!.....No Jackie can't speak with you right now..... She is getting ready to go out with me, Rach and the boys.....Why? So you can command her to go to your house instead? I don't think so. She is coming with us and that is final." With that she hung up... I looked at her slack jawed.

"I can not believe that you said that to him!" He was going to yell at me next time we hung out.

"Come on! Get dressed! And make" Rachel smiled and walked to the bathroom to set up her makeup set. Danielle stood in front of the closet.

"Alright miss model I need some help picking out an outfit."

"You are going to wear something of mine... you need to wear a dress."

"Aww damn Jackie are you serious??"

"You heard Rachel! make" I mocked we burst out laughing and I started looking. I threw out the possibles but then I saw it. The tight blue dress that wasn't completely blue. I paired it with my blue heels and some silver bracelets and a cute silver necklace. Rachel did her make up while I crimped her dirty blonde hair and pinned one side back. I forced some shimmery lip gloss on her lips before we moved on to me.

With her done we moved on to me. It was hard but I settled on a black,white and gray dress that had shoulder straps. Then I got out my red heels with a knot on each shoe.Then I slipped on a spiral gold bracelet with red roses on my wrist and a gold rose on a gold chain around my neck. Rachel plopped me down on the stool and started on my makeup, Danielle curled my hair, put it in a bun and left two strands of curls to frame my face. She also slightly curled my straight across bangs to give them more volume. I also put on the cherry red lipstick.

Me and Danielle turned to Rachel, she was wearing a pencil skirt and a loose top with a tank she had her hair in a straight down pony-tail and all natural make up on. I looked at Danielle and she seemed to come to the same conclusion. Rachel was not going to the club like this.

"Rach, you told us to make ourselves look sexy and now you look like your ready for church. We are giving you a make over." I ran to the closet and looked for something, Danielle was blue, I was black and red.....that left purple. I threw the dress at her,

"Put it on."  I demanded, then I went hunting for the black heeled boots, threw them out of the closet not wanting to hit anyone and then I went to my jewelry box and handed her a silver bracelet and silver earrings, I also gave her a black handbag. She did her own eye makeup, she put on some natural lip gloss and Danielle had moved her ponytail to the side and curled it. We were ready.


"I'll call the boys," I said while we all sat on the couch to wait. I dialed Harry's number, he didn't pick up so I dialed Liam's number,


"Hey Li, we are all ready!!"

"Finally! You girls took long enough."

"Oh trust me you guys are going to be glad we took this long! Now get your butts down here."

"Yes ma'am!" We hung up and me and the girls started talking. Rachel had a thing for Harry and from what I had seen he also had a thing for her.

"Rach, he likes you, you have to flirt more or at least talk more to him!" I encouraged.

"Alright." She sighed. "Danielle and Niall have something going on too!!"

"Do not!" She protested.

"Danielle, Niall texts me about a thousand times when he is around you asking me what he should do... the boy doesn't want to mess up." I confessed.

"Really?" Danielle's cheeks started turning red, then there was a knock on the door. I went to answer and Trevor stood outside.

"I am glad I didn't miss you!" He gave me a peck on the cheek then walked in. He looked at me then the girls then back at me. "Your ditching me to go clubbing!?" He started raising his voice.

"I'm not technically ditching you, we didn't have anything planned and they asked first."

"Your boyfriend should come first not your friends! Especially when they are guy friends!"

"Trev you can't control my life like this!" I screamed. All of a sudden my head snapped to the side and I felt a sharp sting on the whole left side of my face. I looked at Trevor through blurred vision.

"Get out." I don't know who said it but it was towards Trevor and it had venom in it. Trevor tried to touch me again but I flinched away from him. Someone's arms wrapped around me, I felt safe and relaxed. I composed myself enough so tears wouldn't fall out and looked Trevor dead in the eye.

"Leave. Delete my number. Forget about me. Because that is what I am going to do about you." My voice was eerily calm and Trevor must have realized there was nothing he could say or do because he left. Right when the door closed I walked to my bathroom, I put some concealer on my cheek where it was starting to turn from red to a light blue.

"Jackie are you ok? In seconds you went from a clingy relationship to an abusive relationship to no relationship..." Danielle was sitting on the counter watching me.

"What did the boys hear?"

"Well Trevor got here, came in then started yelling and that was when the boys came in."

"So everything?"

"Pretty much, you didn't answer my question."

"Physically, a little roughed up. Emotionally I am drained and mentally well that has always been a little iffy." I laughed at my little joke and looked up at Danielle. "Who told Trevor to get out and who was holding me?"

"Liam. Jackie I know you literally just got out of a relationship but Liam has got it bad! Every time the boys came over he was happy but once he saw that you weren't here he kind of deflated."

"I know. Niall tells me the same thing. Are we still going clubbing?"

"I think it is all up to you. Everyone is ready to do whatever you want to."

"Then why the hell are we still here!? All I want to do is go have fun and let what happens happen!!" Danielle laughs and jumps off the counter.

"Shall we?" She holds her elbow out to me.

"We shall!" I loop mine through hers and we skip out.... as best as we can skip in heels and grab our bags and phones then head out the door.

"Are you guys coming!?" I yell over my shoulder. I hear feet shuffle and a door close and then everyone is at the elevator.

"Jackie..." Harry starts. I hold up my hand.

"What just happened 5 minutes ago is not up for discussion till tomorrow night around 11 so for now we pretend that a guy named Trevor, who I have never met before," I whisper loudly playing the part, "Was just a mechanic who fixed my limo! The end!" Danielle clapped, wiped away fake tears.

"What a great story!!" She cheers

"It's based on true life!!" She gasps.

"NO! It's too good to be true!" We laugh and step onto the elevator. Me and Danielle get lower to the floor as the elevator drops and when it dings we bounce up and we strut through the lobby like we are on the runway. We get to the doors and wait, Zayn and Louis play along trying to hide their laughter and open the doors for us. Me and Danielle strike a pose and Rachel starts snapping pictures of me and Danni with her fake camera. Joey watching on in amusement opens the door of the limo, bows and holds both mine, Danielle's and Rachel's hands as we get in.

"Where are we off too?" Joey asks after everyone is in. I look at the boys,

"Umm pick one of the clubs in town and thats where we will go!" Harry orders. We all start talking to different people and it gets loud but we are at a club in seconds and we all pile out. We all walk up to the door not even glancing at the line, the people in front get all excited when they see it is the boys, a few girls want autographs from me, which shocks me.

"You can go in." The bouncer says after checking his clip board. We walk in and some people stop to look but others keep on dancing. I throw some shots down and then I get my Dirty Shirley and head off to the dance floor. I feel someones hand on my waist and I turn around careful not to spill my drink.

"Hello Mr Payne! How are you?" I look into his eyes, he looks like he is in pain. "Whats wrong Liam?" He pulls me to a hallway where it is more quiet.

"I just watched you get slapped by your now ex and your acting like everything is fine."

"Liam." I sigh not really wanting to talk about this.

"Has he hit you before?"

"Hit no but he has left bruises. Though it was nothing so can we go have fun?" I pout making the best puppy dog face I can. He sighs,

"I am not done talking about this with you."

"Then we are putting it on pause. Now will you come dance with me?" His eyes light up and we go dance. Everyone has fun, Eleanor and Perrie end up coming so all the guys have a girl to dance with. Around midnight is when we went back to the apartment building.

"Liam? Will you stay with me tonight?" I whisper completely sobering up just thinking about...him.

"Are you sure?"

"I wont sleep at all if you don't." That sealed the deal and I fell asleep wrapped in Liam's arms.

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