Friends or Soulmates??

Jackie goes to England over the summer because her parents need some time alone. She stays in the five star hotel and runs into 5 boys. As she starts hanging out with them more they find out shocking news and she starts to realize that she has loved one the whole time, but she doesn't want to ruin these deep friendships she has with the boys. When something tragic happens forcing her to show her true feelings.


3. Bar night with the boys!


Jackie looked gorgeous, when we finally walked into a bar around 9 there were a lot of men there. Everyone looked as Jackie walked by, the girls sent daggers after her and the guys were all drooling. I had to fight the urge to walk behind her with my hands on her waist but I couldn't claim her as mine. I had only just broke things off with Danielle, I couldn't move on so quickly. Jackie had somehow managed to get a booth in the packed bar. It was a semi-circle booth with a circular table in the middle.

"I'll go get the drinks!" Louis yelled over the music. Everyone nodded and he left. Jackie had claimed the very middle of the booth, Zayn was on her left side and Harry on her right. Niall was sitting beside Zayn so I sat beside him knowing Louis would want to sit by Hazza.

"So Jackie. Why did you come to London?" Zayn asked.

"Well my parents haven't had a lot of time together alone so when they have these little vacations it gives me an excuse to go anywhere I want. This year I decided on London." Louis came back with beers for the guys, a water for me and a Dirty Shirley for Jackie.

"So Jackie we didn't talk much last night. Tell us more about you." Louis said while getting comfortable, which made Jackie laugh as he wiggled.

"Well, My mom is a super model as you know she is good friend with Tyra Banks, my dad is the top car seller dash fixer upper person in all America. Literally he gets cars from Canada and Mexico anyway thats where the money comes from. I am an only child, I am 18 turning 19 this september, my favorite animals are monkeys and horses but I love all animals. My favorite color is light green. Ya thats all I can think of." She takes a sip of her drink and looks at all of us.

"Why do you like monkeys?" Niall asked

"I don't know. I just like them." She shrugged it off.


After a little more talking and getting to know each other better we were laughing and having fun, acting like we were friends for ages. Then a song came on, I had never heard it before now but the guys got out of the booth with wide smiles. They all looked at me still sitting and drinking my Dirty Shirley.


"I am perfectly fine just sitting here. I don't want to get all sweaty!" It was like they didn't hear me beacause pretty soon I was being dragged out of the booth by Harry and Niall. "Please don't make me dance."

"It will be fun!" Harry said, he looked like a little 5 year old. I sighed, took off my jacket, set it back in the booth and went out on the dance floor. Immediatly a guy around 20 came up to me and asked me to dance, I didn't mind so I took his hand.

"What's your name?" The guy asked in my ear,

"Jackie, yours?" I looked up and he had shockingly green eyes and black hair.

"Trevor. Do you have a boyfriend?" I shook my head and his smile grew, "What do you think about going out sometime?" It was my turn for my smile to grow.

"I think I can manage that. For now though lets dance!!" That is what we did for a hour until I got thristy. I went back to the booth, grabbed my jacket and purse.

"Can we go outside?" I turned and asked Trevor.

"Ya lets go." I grabbed his hand as he pushed his way through the crowd. Finally I got outside it felt good feeling the chilly breeze after that being in that hot stuffy room.

"Do you have your phone on you?" I questioned. Trevor dug in his pocket and handed me his IPhone, I entered in my contact info and then txted myself. My phone went off and I dug in my purse for my phone, then I saved his number into my phone.

"Good now I can talk to you whenever." I laughed at that. "What?"

"I am not that intresting." I answered

"Your very interesting." With that he pulled me close and I leaned in closer soon our lips connected, it was a short heated kiss filled with lust and longing. My phone went off and I looked down, Harry was calling me. I sighed a little frustrated but answered.

"Hello?" I snapped.

"WHERE ARE YOU!?!?" He screamed into the phone.

"I am outside with a friend."

"Oh... well you shouldn't have left with out telling one of us you had us all worried." I laughed,

"Thanks for worrying but I am fine. Actually I am glad you called, I wanted to leave with my friend, do you guys need a ride? I could send Joey back if you do."

"No. Go have fun with your friend." I heard the teasing sound in his voice but chose to ignore it.

"Bye Harry, oh will you tell the other boys that I left?"

"Yeah I geuss I can."

"Thanks bye." I hung up and put the phone in my pocket. I took Trevors hand and pulled him to the limo. Joey stepped out and came to open the door. He didn't say anything about my new guest which was a little blessing, as I walked past him I whispered,

"Please don't tell Mom or Dad." He nodded slightly and closed the door after Trevor got in.

"Woah! Is this a rental?"

"No I have had Joey as a cheuffer since I was a toddler and I have had this limo since what kindergarten Joey?" I asked.

"Yes I think it was kindergarten when you got the limo." I nodded and turned to Trevor who still had a schocked expression.

"Are you famous?"

"Not really my mom is, well she is a super model and Dad is a really good car person so ya."

"So where are we going?"

"I was thinking we could go bak to my place...well hotel room but its mine for the summer."

"Sounds good." He smiled at me and I couldn't stop the heat that was reeping up my face. We got to the hotel in five minutes flat and we both hopped out. Once we were inside my room he had me pressed up against the wall. We soon moved to the couch he had me straddling him though I didn't mind.

"You......looked.....amazing.....tonight.." He mumbled while kissing down my neck. Just then someone started pounding on my door. I growled and answered the door, but not before I checked myself in a mirror. Niall was standing outside my door looking frantic. I snapped out of my bichy mode fast.

"Whats wrong Niall?"

"Liam got into a fight with a guy because something the guy said about you and well the guy had friends and we didn't get there until he was laying on the floor." He spat out real fast.

"Oh my god! Is he ok!?"

"Well he won't let anyone touch him or take him to the doctors, I was hoping you could help.." Niall glanced over my shoulder. He must've seen Trevor because he started, "Oh never mind since you have company that wouldn't be fair."

"No no Niall, well actually how bad is Liam?"

"We think a few fingers are broken, a sprained wrist maybe a bruised rib or two. He really got a pounding."

"Oh God he needs to get them wrapped up. I will go and see what I can do. Stay there." I rushed back in to get my phone. I stopped infront of Trevor, "You can stay, which I would love or you can leave which ever you are more comfortable with." I pecked him on the lips and left. I was in their room in seconds.

"LIAM JAMES PAYNE!!!" I shouted. Harry and Zayn looked at me wide eyed and scared, Louis had a smirk and Liam well he could barely open his eyes.

"I cannot BELIEVE you started throwing punches at a guy because of something stupid!!!"

"It wasn't stupid. You are a good friend of mine now and he was talking about what he wanted to do with you!"

"Liam..." I sighed. "I get those things all the time. Sometimes I am even told right to my face. Learn to let it go ok?"

"I can't! It was nasty and wrong."

"I know but you have to. Now lets get you all fixed up." With that I got to work I cleaned up his face first, he had blood all over because of his busted lip and nose.

"Harry be a dear and get some frozen peas or corn from the hotel kitchen." I ordered over my shoulder. I wrapped surgical tape around all four fingers on both his hands just to be safe then I got the tan bandage wrap and wraped it around his swollen, sprained wrist. I put an ie bag over his wrist and the two bags of frozen peas on his eyes. I lifted up his shirt to see if the bruises were visible one was, I got more of the tan bandage wrap and started wrapping his torso after one layer I placed two more bags of frozen peas on both sides of his rib cage then wraped around it to make them stay. Proud of my work I turned to the boys and said,

"Change the ice bags once they start getting warm and keep some neosporne on his lip. He should be decent in a few days. Oh and don't move him around for tonight. Cater to him." I left them standing there dumb founded and went back to my room.

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