Loved You First

Rose and her best friend Alice are visiting her father in the United States. At the airport she met an unexpected person. Liam Payne! When they start to grow closer, will jealousy tear them apart?


1. Chapter 1

Rose's P.O.V.

"Rose! Get up, you're going to cause us to miss the plane!" My best friend, Alice was yelling at me like there was no tomorrow. "Just 5 more minutes?" I asked, hoping to stay in bed. "No! you have 5 minutes to get ready. You overslept- as usual. I have a cup of coffee for you. You can eat food on the plane." She said gathering her things. I rolled out of my bed putting on a pair of black yoga pants, a flowy pink shirt with a white and black Jack Wills sweatshirt on top. I'm glad I packed my suitcase and everything else I would need last night. I brushed my teeth and combed out my long, golden brown hair and put it up into a messy bun. I picked up my luggage and ran downstairs. I sprinted out the door locking it behind me. I took in a deep breath of the fresh summer air. I always loved June, everything smells and looks so beautiful. I threw my bags into the trunk and hopped into the passengers seat.

"Sorry I yelled at you, Rose. I'm just tired and don't want to be late." Alice apoligized. "Ali, it's totally fine! Don't worry about it. Okay?" She nodded. I'm so excited to get out of London for the week. I mean, I love it here, but I'm excited to see my father. Alice wanted to come along. I'm happy I'll have a friend with me. My parents divorced when I was 12. My mum brought me to the UK, and my dad stayed behind. The last time I saw him was two years ago. I can remember the sunlight beaming on your skin when you were outside. It was sunny almost every day. I miss Flordia, but London has a better effect on me.

When we pulled into the airport parking lot I jumped out of the small black car and picked up my luggage. When we found two seats in the waiting area, I set my things down by Alice. "I'm going to find the restroom. I'll be right back." I said. I walked away, trying to navigate myself through the crowd. There were people everywhere. Suddenly ran into a tall guy. He spilled his coffee all over me as I went crashing to the ground. "Oh my goodness! Are you okay? Let me help you." I heard the mysterious guy say in his familiar accent. He gave me his hand and helped pull me up. When I finally looked up at him, I saw his gorgeous brown eyes. It took me a second to remember, but those eyes belong to Liam Payne. "It's okay." I said. "No it's not. Let me buy you a new sweatshirt. We can go now if you want." He asked. "Sorry, I'm leaving soon. I'm visiting my dad in the United States for the week." I replied. I was a little upset, I would have loved to join him! "Oh. Well the boys and I are going to be in London for the month. Maybe we could meet up. We could buy you a new sweatshirt, or go to dinner. Do you live around here?" My stomach rolled. Liam Payne just asked me out. "Actually, I do live around here." I said, smiling. He smiled too. "Can I have your number?" He asked me. "Yes." I said, he handed me his phone and I typed in my number. "Here, I'll give you mine." I gave him my phone, watching him punch in the digits. "Thanks." He said. "No problem. But I must leave now. I don't want to miss the plane!" I said. I took one last look at him. Those eyes, those incredible brown eyes that go perfectly with his shaved head. "Of course you don't. Bye." "Bye." I started to walk away when I felt a hand gently tug on my wrist. I knew it was Liam. "Wait, I didn't quite catch your name." "Rose. Rose Dawson." I told him. "Well Rose, I'm Liam. Liam Payne." He said smiling. "Well Mr. Payne, You better call me." I winked at him and walked away, trying to process what had just happened.

I didn't even need to use the restroom anymore. I could've sworn I wet myself back there! When I walked up to Alice she noticed the huge smile on my face. "So, what's got you so happy, Rose?" She asked, wanting details. "I met someone." I said smiling. I just couldn't stop smiling! "His name is Liam Payne." "OMG! THE LIAM PAYNE FROM MY ALL TIME FAVORITE BAND?! What's he like? Is he a good kisser? You guys kissed, right? Did you get his number?" She squealed the questions out. "Calm down Alice! Yes it was Liam from One Direction. He is so sweet, even though he spilled coffee on me. But that was an accident." I pointed at my sweatshirt, showing her the stains. I pulled it over my head stuffing it into my carry-on. "We didn't kiss, be he asked for my number. And he gave me his!" I told her. "Well, I can fangirl later. We need to get on that plane!" Alice said pulling me towards the door. A nice, tall lady took us to our seats. "Thank you." We both said before sitting down. Wow, I still can't believe you met him." She said. "I know, me either."

Author's note: So, If anyone reads this new fanfiction, tell me what you think! I'm sorry I havent updated They Don't Know About Us in a whole day! I think thats a record! I wrote a whole chapter, and then I lost it on my computer. I WAS PISSED! So, I had to write it again.vAnyways, tell me if I should continue! Much love, Kara xx

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