Big Time Rush meets The Naked Brothers Band

title says all


1. Big Time Rush's Kendall's point of view

I was just sitting on the couch with my little sister,Katie. She was playing on her laptop as i watched her searched different songs on She soon searched The Naked Brothers Band.

"Hey Katie,who are they?"I had asked.

Katie looked at me."The Naked Brother's Band,they're really good."she said and showed me one of their songs called "Crazy Car".

"Dang.They are good."I said,shocked."How'd you find them or learned about them?"I asked.

"By Twitter big bro."Katie said,rolling her eyes slightly.

"Oh."Was all I said.


Later that day,I was with the guys,explaining about the band Katie had showed me.

"Wow."James said.

Carlos was speechless.

Logan looked at me."They might be the old kids' tv show on Nick."he said searching them on his phone.

I rolled my eyes."Yeah they are.but how did Katie find out about them and we didn't?"I asked.

Everyone shrugged their shoulders as I sighed,not getting much help.

"Looks like we're searching info on them!"Carlos and James said at the same time.


Days went by rather quickly,and the guys and I was searching more and more info about The Naked Brothers Band.

"we gotta meet them."I said.

"We agree."Logan said.

"Then lets."I added.


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