Anything Could Happen

Kayla is gifted with the power of seeing the future. It is a curse to her. It can happpen at any moment and influence everything she does. The only problems are… She is being hunted by a group of “supernaturals” and even though she dodges them in her visions, the future can change. Anything could happen.


2. 2

When she wakes up, all she can see is white.  She’s in a white room with white walls and a white floor.  She’s lying on a white bed, covered in white blankets, and she’s wearing a white hospital gown.  Duh, she thinks to herself.  She’s wearing a white hospital gown.  Kayla is in the hospital, where the ambulance her mother called had brought her after being found unconscious on her bathroom floor.  Kayla’s mom walks into the room, carrying a bottle of water. She drops it and runs up to Kayla, whispering, “You’re awake. You’re okay.”  Kayla tries to pull her mother’s arms off of her, but a spark of pain shoots from her shoulder to her wrist. “Ow” she whispers, now close to tears.  Her mom pulls away quickly, apologizing over and over again.  “It’s okay, I’m okay, Mom”, she reassures her.  She smiles for an added bonus, but it fades when the doctor watching them from the doorway comments, “I wouldn’t say those words exactly.”  She walks to the foot of the hospital bed with a confident air around her. “I’m Dr. Harrington, the one who saw to it that you were taken care of.” Taken care of. Kayla shivers as those words give off a different meaning, but only in her mind.

Dr. Harrington pulls her straight, jet black hair into a loose ponytail and smiles at Kayla. “You had a nasty fall there… It resulted in you receiving a small concussion and bruising your shoulder blade pretty badly.” Kayla shifted uncomfortably; she wasn’t very fond of hospitals or doctors.  “When can she come home?” Kayla’s mother asks. The doctor gives her a look of disappointment, as if to say, “Now that was a horrible thing to ask.” 

Kayla’s mother does not acknowledge the look and Dr. Harrington sighs.  “Two weeks, give or take a few days, because we need to make sure her head heals right. Don’t worry though; she will be heavily sedated, making the process easier for everyone.”  The doctor winks and Kayla and she smiles back through the dizziness as the woman leaves them, closing the door to the room behind her. “Someone did this to me”, Kayla tells her mom. “One of them came in and tackled me to the ground.” Her mother’s face pales as her daughter explains what happened.  “The doorknob was melted”, her mother whispers back, close to crying once again.  Kayla nods and tells her about what she saw during the bus ride (her vision).

“I can’t stay here. They’ll find me.” Ms. Rigsby, Kayla’s mom, shakes her head firmly. “You have to stay. Get better, and then we’ll run. Okay?”  Kayla sighs. They have been running for way too long.  “Maybe we should fight.  Maybe we’ll win”, she suggests to her mother.  Her mother’s eyes widen. “I can’t. I’m not….” Kayla’s face hardens. “You’re not what, Mom?” Kayla yells at her mother. “A freak like me?” She shakes her head even harder. “No, no. That’s not what I was going to say… No, not ever..” Kayla holds her hand up, interrupting her mother. “Just. Go”, she says.  Her mother left the room without another word.  Almost immediately, Kayla began to create an escape plan.  I have to get out before they come for me, she thinks as her eyes flutter shut.

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