Anything Could Happen

Kayla is gifted with the power of seeing the future. It is a curse to her. It can happpen at any moment and influence everything she does. The only problems are… She is being hunted by a group of “supernaturals” and even though she dodges them in her visions, the future can change. Anything could happen.


1. 1

Kayla’s head falls against the cool bus window, hard enough that a bump starts to form under her thick, wavy, blonde hair.  She doesn’t feel it though, for her mind has already been sucked into the vision.  A woman watches her closely from the seat across from her, for she thinks that the girl might be sick.  Kayla is a gifted girl.  Although, if you asked her, she would say that she is cursed.

Kayla sees herself walking into a diner. She follows, for she is a ‘third-person observer’ in this vision. Her other self sits on a red stool with a small smile playing on her lips. A short girl with black hair walks up with a notepad and asks if she can take her order. The vision Kayla smiles and politely orders a chicken salad sandwich and a Pepsi, her favorite. After the waitress leaves, Kayla looks out the window, only to find a man staring at her from across the busy street. The traffic light changes and the man begins to cross the road.  He is dressed in dark colors.  His jeans were grey and he had a black pullover on, the hood pulled up over his head, shielding most of his face from view.  If Kayla had been normal, she would have been thinking, “Why is he trying to hide his face?” Considering the fact that she was not a normal girl, the thought that popped up into her head was, “How did they find me?”

The man, who is actually a teenager and is just a little older than Kayla, stops right outside of the window.  He turns, slowly, and grins menacingly when his colorless grey eyes meet her bright blue ones.  Kayla trembles (both the vision Kayla and the actual Kayla), and he puts his palm flat on the glass. Planning on running out the emergency exit, Kayla begins to gather her things, watching the boy out of the corner of her eye.  She witnesses the event she had feared; the glass begins to melt under the boy’s hand.  Kayla’s vision self screams as the boy’s hand grabs her shoulder, digging his nails into flesh. Then the vision is over.

                Back on the city bus, Kayla’s blue eyes inch open. Kayla’s head pounds, as it always does, so she is thankful for the cold glass of the windows.  Kayla glances around, making sure no one had witnessed her in that state.  The old woman meets her eyes, and gives a half-smile of understanding, before turning away. Kayla doesn’t feel gratitude towards the elderly lady, not seeing how she could understand, what with the knowing look that had followed.  How could she understand? The old woman was a grandmother, an ordinary grandmother of three troublemaking children, but had had migraines since she was twenty.  The woman thought that that was what Kayla was going through.

The bus slows and comes to a complete stop as Kayla gathers her things and walks down the bus steps.  As the bus pulls away, Kayla realizes that she really needs a car so she can drive safely through the bad part of town. Instead, she has to walk through it after getting off of work. Kayla hoists her backpack higher on her shoulders and flips up her jacket’s hood, hiding her face.  After all, you never know who could be lurking in the shadows of this shabby neighborhood.  She sprints down the street, moving faster every time she hears the crash of a bottle, the yell of a drunken thug, or any other noise around her. She makes it to the next street, a better neighborhood, and then to her front door in under ten minutes.

She misses the lock, her hands trembling from the cold and making the key shake and miss its destination.  Kayla is still fumbling with her keys when the door opens. She looks up and sees her mother standing in the doorway, an amused expression on her face. She steps out of the way and Kayla trudges inside, sliding off her pack in the process.  

“How was work?” her mother asks. Kayla shrugs.  “The same as everyday.”  Tiring.  Kayla works at a small diner in town; ironic considering her vision took place in a diner.  Kayla stomps upstairs to her private bathroom, pulling off her sneakers and closing and locking the white bathroom door behind her.  She turns on the hot water in the shower and waits a minute, looking in the mirror and staring at the bags under her eyes.  Her face was an ashen color and her eyes were more grey than blue.  She was so tired.  She needed sleep bad.  

Peeling off her clothes, she steps into the scorching water, letting it burn her skin.  It wakes her up at least.  Then Kayla gets dizzy and turns the water knob so the water cools down until it is barely warm at all.  It doesn’t help.  Kayla rinses the shampoo out of her hair before grabbing her towel and wrapping it around her.  She pulls back the shower curtain and sees that the door is slightly cracked. “Mom! I’m still in the shower”, Kayla yells.  But it’s not her mom.  The door flies open and crashes against the wall. The boy stands in the doorway, that same smile on his lips and his eyes almost a glowing grey. Then he lunges for her as she screams, knocking the both to the floor. Kayla head slams onto the tile floor and the last thing she sees before she blacks out is the boy’s smile.

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