Undecided Love

Lauren's Dream Has Finally Come True. She Met The Boys Of One Direction And Even Captured The Heart Of Liam Payne. And Niall Horan? Find Out What Happens When Lauren Gets Caught In The Middle Of These Two Best Friends.


1. The First Date !

Liam's POV.;       

We Had Just Ended Our Show In Orlando Florida. We Were Now At A Meet And Greet With Our Girls. After Several Hours It Finally Happened. She Walked In Slowly, Nervously And Very Hesitantly. She Was Looking From Me, To Harry, Back To Me, Then Louis, Back To Me, Then Zayn, Back To Me, Then Niall. And Finally, Back To Me. I Smile And She Starts Crying. "Hello Beautiful, Whats Your Name ?" She Blushed And Answered Hesitantly "Uh-mm.. My Names.. Names  Lauren.. Liam Can I Please Get A Picture With You ?" I Smile, Hold My Hand Out And Nodded My  Head So She Knows. I'm Speechless  Shes Pretty...No....Beautiful.....NO....Gorgeous....NO!.....Shes Absolutely STUNNING! As She Was Walking To Me My Eyes Grew Wide. Her Shirt Was AMAZING! It Was A Turtle.. The Turtle Had Those Really Big Brown Eyes And Hes Saying "Liam I Love You !" In His Little Thought Bubble. She Stood Next To Me And Harry Took Our Picture. She Turned To Me And Said "Liam I Have A Present For You.." She Reached In He Bag And Pulled Out A Box. "I Hope You Like It. I Was Afraid You Guys Would Like.... Hate Me. You Know, Take A Picture, Sign Something And Make Me Leave." As She Said That She Blushed A Pushed Her Hair Behind Her Ear. The Box Was Purple And Had A Little Green Bow On It. I Began To Open It, When I Opened It There Was A Note. 

"Hi Liam! I May Not Be Around While You Read This But That's Okay. I Saw This At The Mall And Thought Of You, And Since I Knew I Was Gonna See You I Was Like Hey Maybe He Wouldn't Mind Getting Another Gift From Another Stranger. :) I Really Hope You Like This.. You Probably Wont Even Use It, Anyway. Enjoy ! (: <3                                                                                                                                             Love, Lauren. Xx"  

I Lifted The Note Out Of The Box And Immediately Laughed. 5 Silver Forks Lined With Tissue Paper.  "Lauren, This Is By Far The Best Gift I've Ever Gotten. Thank You So Much." She Started Blushing And Crying. I Wrapped Her In The Biggest Hug Ever. Harry Cut In "Hai Guise! Were Still-" Niall Pulled Him Away Before He Could Finish. "I Know You Hate Spoons So I Thought You Would Like This *Cough Cough* Sorry Guise ! I... I Didn't Mean To..."   She Was So  Innocent And When She Said She Didn't Mean To, Her Big Blue  Eyes Got All Watery And Even More Amazing. We All Laughed. After About Two Hours Her Phone Rang. Tonight Lets Get Some! AND LIVE WHILE WERE YOUNG! Echoed Through The Quiet Room. She Answered It, All We Heard Was "Hello..Okay....I Will.....Okay....But I-....Mom....Aright I'm Coming,...Uh-Huh...You To....Bye..." She Looked At Us And Sighed. We Nodded, We Looked At Each Other, Harry Looked At Her "DON'T LEAVE YET WE WILL BE RIGHT BACK OKAY!!!!"  We Ran Into The Nearest Room. After About 5 Minutes We Came Back, Gave Her Hugs And She Left. "Guys! I Don't Wanna Leave! I'm Gonna Miss You!!!"  We Handed Her A Piece Of Paper And Pushed Her Out The Door.  

Lauren's POV.;  

I Walked Down The Stairs Toward The Car Totally Forgetting About The Papers They Gave Me. I Got In The Car. "Well You Look Happy. After Waiting In That Line For So Long I Thought You Would Be Tired." I Smiled And Nodded. I Bounced Up Stairs And Changed Into My Pj's When I Remembered The Paper. I Ran To My Pants, I Pull Out The Paper And Open It Up. Its Folded Into Five Squares. The First One Says "LAUREN! Hi! I Miss You Already. (: My New Best Friend... Btw Don't Look At Liams.." From Harry, It Had His Number To.. Seeing That Gave Me Hope For The Rest. And I Was Wondering Why I Cant Look At Liams Yet.  "Lauren, We Miss You A Lot ! DON'T LOOK AT LIAMS YET!" Niall.. His Number To... What Kind Of Dream Is This ! And Seriously Whats So Special About Liams ? "Lauren! Vas Happening! Haha Lets Chill ! You Better Not Look At Liams Yet" Zayn... Duh.. ZAYNS NUMBER.! WHATS WRONG WITH LIAMS ?! "Omg Hey Girl Hey! You HAVE To Hang With Your Boo Bear ! Don't Look At Liams Yet Love !" Hahaha Louis Put His Number Down To.. Why Couldn't I Look At Liams Until Now ? Guess Ill Find Out... I Take A Deep Breath Hoping And PRAYING Liam Left His Number To, Also Guessing There Was Something Really Special About Liams Note. I Unfold The Last Paper. "Lauren, I Didn't Get To Tell You This But Your Beautiful Stunning. When I Saw You I Was So Suprised That I Was Able To Say Hello.  I Don't Care What Time You See This I Want A Text Message... No Pressure Love xX Ha-ha, But When You Text Me I Want You To Answer This, Dear Will You Go On A Date With Me ?" Then It Had His Number.. Well That Was- WAIT A MINUTE! LIAM PAYNE WANTS TO GO ON A DATE WITH ME!!!!!! OMG!!!!!! I Lay Down To Think And Fall Asleep. I Woke Up The Next Morning Happy And Smiley. I Grabbed My Phone And Texted Liam... "Hey Liam ! You And I Were About To Make Some Memories Tonight  ;D Lol, Its Lauren If You Hadnt Noticed.." I Had Just Gotten Dressed When My Best Friend Karen Had Come Running In. "HOW DID IT GO ? DID THEY HATE YOU ? WHAT DID THEY WEAR ? WERE THEY LAUGHING AT YOU ? SPILL IT GIRL!!!!!!!!" I Was Calm Until My Phone Buzzed. Liam! When I Read It I Had A British Accent. "Good-morning Love xX Glad To See Your Happy. Is That A Yes To Our Date ?" I Looked At Her With A Huge Smile. "NO WAY!!! HE LIKED YOU ??? LIKE, LIKE YOU LIKE YOU??? HE ASKED YOU ON A DATE ???" I Smiled A Smile So Wide My Cheeks Starting Hurting.. I Had Forgotten To Reply But No Worries, Why ? Because He Called Me! Liam James Payne Of One Direction Called Me!!!!!! "OMG HES CALLING BE QUIET!!!!!! *Cough Cough* Hey This Is Lauren." "Hello Love, So Tonight, There's A Fancy Restaurant I Wanna Take You To, You In?" Hearing Liam Call Me Love Was Exciting. No Thrilling. No It Was An Adrenaline Rush! "Well Liam I Cant Believe You Even Have To Ask. Of Course Ill Go To Dinner With You.. Now If Its Fancy What Should I Wear ?" "Well, Since You Looked So Gorgeous At The Concert, I Don't Know What Else You Can Do To Look Even Better." Those Words Plus The Accent PLUS The Person I Could Feel My Body Get Weak. I Don't Know How I Was Able To Stand. We Sat And Talked About Everything And Nothing For About 30 Minutes When He Suggested We Get Ready And Go Soon. "LAUREN! Its Niall! Can I Pick You Up For Your Date Pretty Please With A Cherry On Top!?" I Laughed And He Did His Cute Chuckle, I Wish I Could See His Face. "Of Course, And I Hope You Don't Mind My Best Friend Karen Being Here. She Might Just Fan-girl A Little Bit..." He Laughed Said Okay And We Hung Up. I Put On My Outfit. My Mom Asked Me Why I Looked So Nice. "Hmm  Well.... Not To Make A Big Deal Out Of It Or Anything But ME AND LIAM JAMES PAYNE ARE GOING ON A DATE!!!!!!" Her Eyes Got All Wide And When She Opened Her Mouth Nothing Came Out. Just Then I Heard A Doorbell, Scream, And I Laughed. I Couldn't Stop Laughing, Karen Is Such A Fan-girl! "Mom! Harry's Here! Hes Picking Me Up!" I Walk To The Door. "Hello Nialler." Everything I've Said To Him So Far Has Had Some Kind Of Giggle Attached To It. Ha-ha-ha.

Niall's POV;

I Ring The Doorbell, This Isn't Even My Date And I'm Nervous. The Door Opens Slowly. "Hello NIaller" A Soft Giggle Attached To Those Words Made Me Laugh. "Hello, Have Seen Lauren She Goi- Oh! Lauren, That Is You! You Look Different. In A Good Way Though..." I Started Laughing. God Lauren Looks Absolutely Stunning. God Liam Is Lucky. Then Karen Walked Over. "Hi Niall.. I'm Karen.. I'm A Huge Fan, Its Nice To Finally Meet My Idol.." She Said All This Really Calmly And Quietly. She Sounded So Shy And It Was So Cute. "Hi Karen, Its Great To Meet You To, I'm Glad I Could Be Your Idol." After About 10 Minutes Of Standing There Talking We Left And I Took Lauren To The Hotel So She Could See Liam. "LIAM WERE HERE!!!!!!" I Heard Louis And Liam In The Backroom Getting Him Ready. Zayn And His Best Friend Karlie Came In Saying "Wow!" In Unison. Louis And Liam Finally Walked Out. Liams Eyes Went Wide As If They Were A Bout To Pop Out. "Wow. Lauren You Look Beautiful." Liam Said With A Smile. Her Face Turned A Deep Red. "You Don't Look To Bad Yourself Sir" She Said Happily. As Soon As They Left I Felt Almost As If..... I Was Jealous. "Niall? You Okay?" Louis Asked Me. "Oh Uh Yeah I'm Just Tired, Didn't Sleep Much. Gonna Go Back To Bed" I Said Getting Up And Walking Into My Room.

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