Ready or Not

Ariana and her friends Tori and Jess are on the 2010 london x-factorchasing their dreams. Will they make it through and meet their soul mates or will they get sent home at bootcamp?


4. Chapter 4

Liams POV:

I cant believe we are playing truth or dare. I mean its a great way to get Ariana to notice me but what if i had to kiss someone else. I mean there all pretty but there is something about ariana that i just cant get a handle on.

Shes funny, beautiful, and a great singer. I hope this all goes well. Here we go


"OK. So i know you have all played truth or dare at least once in your lifetime but here is how we play. If you pass on either a truth OR dare.... you have to take an article of your clothing off."

Jessicas POV:

I think im falling for louis. We are both similar in many ways i mean we are both crazy, random, and we both never wanna grow up. I think i have found my soul mate;)


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