Ready or Not

Ariana and her friends Tori and Jess are on the 2010 london x-factorchasing their dreams. Will they make it through and meet their soul mates or will they get sent home at bootcamp?


3. Chapter 3

Arianas POV:

I cant belive we were standing in front of One Direction. Simon was their mentor as well but they were bound to win they were amazing!

"So boys would you like to come back to our dressing room and hang out?" 

"Jess they probably have stuff to do."

This whole time Niall and Tori were just staring in each others eyes. "Well actually we weren't doing anything at all we were gonna go watch a movie but hanging out with you lovely girls we be much better." I blushed at Liam's comment and we all started back for our dressing room.

"Ariana!!!!!" I turned around and saw my most awesomest aunt running towards me.

"OMG tanya! What are you doing here!"

"I'm here to support you guys DUH!!! You guys wee amazing out there your bound to win!" 

"Thats is if they can beat us." I laughed at what harry said because i knew tanya would say something either flirty or sassy.

"And who might you be?" 

"I'm Harry Styles from one direction. Did it hurt?"


"When you fell from heaven."

Me, Tanya,the girl, and the boys were laughing at what harry just said. Jessica stood up and put a hand on his shoulder. 

"Out of all the humor in the world you just had to say that?"

We all got up from laughing at went to our dressing room. "So girls and boys this is our dressing room. What do y'all wanna play." I couldn't take my eyes off of Liam as i talked but then jessica spoke up.

"How bout we play....Truth or Dare."

Uh oh she had a smirk on her face,so did louis. Oh they would make a great couple but wait we have bigger problems to face....Truth or Dare.


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