Ready or Not

Ariana and her friends Tori and Jess are on the 2010 london x-factorchasing their dreams. Will they make it through and meet their soul mates or will they get sent home at bootcamp?


1. Chapter 1

Arianas POV:

We were called out on stage and we walked out and the crowd went crazy. We all laughed and Simon started talking " So girls what are you going to sing for us today?" "Well we decided to sing R.I.P. by Rita Ora." Tori and Jessica both smiled at our decision and simon said " Okay well then lets begin girls." The music started playing and we started singing. I was so nervous the whole tie i was shaking and Tori saw and rubbed my back and then walked away and started singing her part. Jessica sung Tinie Tempah's part and the crowd went wild when we all sung together. then we finished and once agian the crowd went wild.


"Girls that was amazing! Now I am so glad that im your mentor." Simon said and our mouths dropped in pure joy.


"Great performance girls. You can go back now." 


We walked back and i ran into someone. " Oh im sorry i didnt see you there."  " Oh no miss it was my fault and by the way yo girls did great may I ask your names?" I could tell i was blushing but i found the courage to say " I'm Ariana, this is Tori, and this is Jessica and we are Admin. And your One Direction correct?" " You got that correct my love."  


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