Vinyl ||M.C||

a story about a girl and boy who both share a love of music and a certain record store


2. 0.2


"So, Michael Clifford. Would you like to tell me why I should recognize you?" I asked the boy with the extremely pretty green eyes. I shook my head at my idiotic thoughts, causing him to look at me strangely before he replied to my question.

"Well I am in a band, and you are in a music store. So I just assumed" he smiled at me and shrugged his shoulders. He turned around and made his way back over to the small chair in the corner and sat back down on it.

"Whats this band called?" I asked him again, genuinely interested. Music was something I was extremely interested in and bands were a solid topic for me and my friend Naomi most of the time.

"5 Seconds Of Summer" he said, and cracked his knuckles, causing me to copy him out of habit. He chuckled again, like last time when I had cracked my neck after him. I cursed at myself, now he thinks i'm copying him. I processed the band name through my head, it sure did ring a bell. But I couldn't put a finger on it. "still don't know us?" it was Michaels turn to ask questions. 

He stood up again out of his seat and walked past me into the vinyl part of the store. I followed slightly behind him, as I didnt want to just stand in the instrument section of the shop looking like an idiot. When I entered the room he was flicked through the various vinyls, just as I had been less than ten minutes ago. Suddenly he stopped and pulled a vinyl out of the collections and handed it to me.

I looked at the vinyl, then back up to him. "that's you and your band mate's?" I smiled at him. They were extremely good looking I had to admit.

"What?" Michael choked. My eyes widened in embarrassment, only that would happen to me.

"I said that aloud didn't I?" I groaned at him. I reached into my pocket and pulled out my wallet to find the sum of money for the vinyl. I was obviously going to get it, I loved listening to new music.

"I'll get it for you" he called me out as I walked towards the counter.

"No you won't, go away" I kept my eyes on the girl at the counter as I handed her the ten pound note. I could feel his eyes staring into the side of my head, as the girl at the counter was staring right at Michael.

"You know, some girls can only dream at me wanting to buy something for them" he pointed at me and tutted.

"I'm so lucky then" I sassed and began to walk out the door before he grabbed my shoulder, I turned around and once again I stared into his pretty green eyes.

"I'm here every Sunday. Will I see you again?" he announced to me, with a blush creeping up on his face and a smile plastered onto him I let out a light chuckle.

"That depends, on whether I want to"


crappy chapter but double update everyone clap! I'm gonna try double update every day as I started this like 2 years ago and have completely restarted it, I wasn't happy with it so wanted to delete it and improve it. But I ended up changing everything (literally every aspect) oops. 

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