The first kiss

Carter is a teenager and is as old as the band 1 direction,She discorvers harry styles was her old best friend and news to find a way to re connect.


5. the ring ( supicouis title )

Her eyes were sparking,I couldn't believe i was dating her,she was just amazing.It's are third date and i think im going to give her a promise ring.As we met eyes across the room she smiled, I smiled.

" Hi Harry!"She said...

" Hi,My Love." I said,while pulling the seat out so she could sit,She blushed,and sat down.

Half an Hour LATER......

When we finished giggling, i gave her  a fortune cookie even i picked from the pile,She took it.her hands gentle Her beautiful her smile...just plain lovley. She saw it was already opened, glanced at me suspciously looked inside of it saw the promise rings and looked confused.I was confused.She was confused.We were confused.she texted me .... it said,"Is this a wedding ring?!?!?!?!" i replied ..." Yes,Yes it is on are 3rd date im asking you to marry me ...NO its a promise ring ...silly :P!"She must of got that fast because she laughed,took the rings , out them on the table ate the fortune cookie.Then she put one ring on her and one on me.And just laughed agian.


After the date

We decided to watch a movie,I invited the gang over, to watch the movie and FINALLY meet Carter.


- Sorry for the short chapter i had to start over wrting other one right now comment your name and who you want to date Zayn,Louis,Liam,Niall Perrie,Eleanor and Danielle will come into story later :)



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