The first kiss

Carter is a teenager and is as old as the band 1 direction,She discorvers harry styles was her old best friend and news to find a way to re connect.


9. More than friends

When we got back to the house I noticed my brother was here ,Greg Payne.( liams p.o.v)

"Um Carter ,okay o forgot to mention you will be sleeping in my bed and I'll be sleeping on the couch." I told her.

"oh,well now I feel bad , if you want we can share the bed plusim not dating harry anymore," 

I nodded and we headed upstairs.after she unpacked when we went to go get breakfast.We bumped into each other and kissed ,then me after her we booth started to make out.OMG I am making out with Harry's ex-girlfriend

Carter's p.o.v

( read at your own risk sex scene)

This kiss was more passionate than me and harry's .something wax happening.Ohno I was falling head over heals for liam.

"are you sure ? Your okay with this "liam asked .I nodded.he went on top of me  and took his top off.After that I think you know what happened ;-)a/n: also comment ideas please.

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