The first kiss

Carter is a teenager and is as old as the band 1 direction,She discorvers harry styles was her old best friend and news to find a way to re connect.


12. last chapter was a joke trolled :) this is a chapter btw

carter's pov :

When i woke uo my head was pounding.I was still thinking of what i did was wrong , well he has been cheating on me , hmm.I tapped liam's arm. " Ugh what louis let me sleep for a little bit more i had a crazy dream about Carter , yes i know harry won't like it ,"he mummbled. I giggled , as soon as i did that his eyes flew open. A grin appeared on his lips , " Oh so it wasn't a dream ."He asked me.I nodded my head and clapped my hands . " Chop Chop , get dressed i need to get my stuff at Harry's place ,"I told him.........(later in car )

( music is playing song : dont you forget about me ( pitch perfect version )

" Don't you foget about me ....Just the way you are you walk on by will you call my name!" Liam and I sang,well mostly yelled as he parked in harry's car.As i went to walk away up the driveway liam grabbed my wrist. " One question , are we officily a couple ,"Liam asked .i thought and said, " Yes , but we are not telling harry yet so not tweets about us !"I knocked on the door to hear a go away , so i rember my spare key .I unlock the door to see a smashed phone on the floor . I rush up the stairs trying to tiptoe.I go into my old bedroom and open the door to see it's locked , great he must have locked him self in there . " HARRY OPEN UP OR IM CALLING THE POLICE " I yelled through the door .

Harry's p.O.v :

i was sitting on her bed with her bag next to me , someone knocked on the door so i yelled go away. I heard the door open and close so i hid in the closet. ( moments later after he opens the door )

carter's pov: 

he went to hug me but i pushed him back . " let me ex-"he tried , oh boy he is so lucky he is not getting it . " NO!  i am just getting my stuff bye harry !."I yelled .I grabbed my bag leaving my key where my bag was and rushed into the bathroom. I locked myself inside and texted him to meet him near the back of harry's house and explained my plan . I  opened the window and saw Liam waiting. He held his hands out. I dropped my boots down to him and after he put them down i Jumped out the window hoping he would catch me .( tragic i know )

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