The first kiss

Carter is a teenager and is as old as the band 1 direction,She discorvers harry styles was her old best friend and news to find a way to re connect.


7. Haylor !!?!!!!!

Taylors P.O.V 

So me and harry have been "dating" for a while and I'm suppose to meet his girlfriend. She is probably a daum slut com paired to harry .

Carters p.o.v  

"babe I'm gonna go get dressed out of PJs." I said .It had been a week or two since anything bad has happened to Harry and us ,luck illy.he says I he has a surprise for me ,Elk!I hear the door open and some laughter maybe its the boys.I slip into my converse shoes and north face jacket. And head downstairs. as I walk down stairs I see ...WHAT TAYLOR FUCKIN SWIFT IS ,MAKIN OUT WITHMY BOYFRIEND.pardon my French. " I can't  believe you harry you two timmer .As I leave are apartment I hear him say let me explain. I call liam,because he was like I big brother to me ever since

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