The first kiss

Carter is a teenager and is as old as the band 1 direction,She discorvers harry styles was her old best friend and news to find a way to re connect.


3. Girlfrinds

After the phone call we meet at the mall,He brought me to a movie, Madagascar 3.Out of all the movies i don't know why he picked this one.I laughed halfway through the movie.I checked my phone and noticed i got so much tweets mentioning me.I glanced at harry who was on the phone,when i looked back at my phone all i saw was hate messages,i closed the app and hit delete.I didnt wanna be like those girls who hurt there self's because of hate.I refused to.

  When harry got off the phone we walked around the mall,i could see girls pointing at us,Oh how much i hated gossip.Later it was pouring out,we were running through the ran laughing when suddenly this just had to ruin the moment.

" Hi harry,Its Hillary,remember me your old girlfriend!!"she turned to me and smirked then focus her main attneion  on harry,Oh boy things are about to get ugly.

" Oh,Uh hey.."Harry mumbled.

" Who's the ugly one?"Hillary said,Oh boy was i right.

" She isn't ugly your the ugly one,and she has a name !"I said as a remark.Then Hillary stomped a way.Me and Harry laughed as we got into the jeep, he sat in the drivers seat,while i sat in the passengers.before he started the car he typed something on his phone.Sent it and looked at me,My phone started to vibrate as i read the message out loud ...,"From Hagrid.."He giggled ."Will you be my girlfriend <3"I smiled,since we weren't buckled i hugged him,and responded..YES A MILLION TIMES YES.This was the best day of my life not including meeting Hillary the tramp!



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