The first kiss

Carter is a teenager and is as old as the band 1 direction,She discorvers harry styles was her old best friend and news to find a way to re connect.



~~~~~~~~~3 months later ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Harry and me walked down the street to a cafe.We split a piece of toast , a muffin and hot cocoa for each of us .When we got home me and harry lied down in bed.

Harrys P.O.V

She looked so peacefully as she slept I tiptoed downstairs to make breakfast,it was christmas eve and i wanted things to go smoothly.I got downstairs to see her phone vibrating off the hook, as i read it another message appeared. 4 messages) " carter you their ?"," OMG your twitter is exploding with hate", " OMFG your dating harry styles !!!" " I love his best friend Niall <3 bye -Haliey "

I laughed and continued to make breakfast.

"Good morning love...."She softly whispered in my ear."...I see you been snooping on my phone eh!"

" Have not...their was so much notifications i had to log in to keep you awake !"

" Yah right....HAZZA gimme it back now "She yelled at me.Now i was defiently not giving it back.We must of chased each other around for hours , because when i woke up we were both drooling.

Authors note : sorry i havent wrote long...also comment if you want to be nials...zayns..louis..or liams girlfriend i will pick at or org 

Carters P.O.V

1 yr and a half laterz


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