Everything & More

A fanfic about Alice from Jasper's POV.......... ENJOY!!!!!:):):):)


1. One-shot

        Everything & More
     I watched in awe at the beauty and grace of the tiny pixie as she danced around our room to a beat only she could hear. With a small smile, I slipped behind her, grabbing her tiny hand in mine, and twirled her. Her giggles were like tinkling bells, taking my breath away each and every time the sound reached my ears. She threw her arms around me in a bone-crushing embrace and buried her face in the crook of my neck, a perfect fit. I sighed with the knowledge that she was mine.
      She was in my arms where she rightfully belonged and I inteded to keep it that way. "Jazzy," she cried, jumping lithely into my arms, legs secure at my torso and nimble fingers tangled in my hair. She was my precious sweet pixie, my terrifying little monster, and I was fully and completely wrapped around her finger. Not that I minded, being wrapped around her tiny little finger. It had it's perks, let me tell you. The most beautiful, loving woman in my arms and constantly on my mind. With grace that rivaled a prima ballerina, my Alice was pixie-like, standing at only 4.10', jet black hair pointing every which way. She was undeniably the most beautiful creature to ever grace the earth with her presence so I was extremely prideful because she was all mine. 
     'Fashion freak' was a huge understatement when it came to my Alice. She was a fashion guru, a sale tracking machine. She drug me shopping nearly twice a week to about ten dozen stores and, only being able to carry a few bags at a time, handed about two dozen bags per store off to me. Which, being the gentleman that I am, take each one with pride that she trusted me with her latest 'Bella Barbie' experiment products. I personally hated shopping but I'd do absolutely anything for her and besides that, I get to show off to the world that she's mine. I go because I get to spend time with the one woman who can make my heart beat again, the one thing anchoring me to the earth.
     She's the only reason I still exist, the only reason I feel like I have a soul again.  She's the one who saved me, who made me feel again. Being with her, I almost forget I'm eternally damned. Our hearts dance in an unheard rhythym, beat for beat.  Each tear that falls, I wish it were my own. Each breath, we breathe as one. We move like magnets, drawn to each other by an unseen force. Never the ones to flaunt our relationship, we've kissed only a handful of times in public. No words necesserary, we simply get lost in the golden hue of each other's eyes. Hardly ever have we said 'I love you', but we don't need to, we just know. She was my absolute everything, more than I needed and so much more than I deserved. My Alice was every thing and more.

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