Survive. Death is not a choice

This is a story about a girl(Kelsey), A guy(Ben), And a best friend(Marie).


2. Where is Kelsey?

     I grabbed his hand and pulled him up the stairs, and into the bathroom. I shut the door and sat down on the edge of the tub. “So what did you want to talk to me about?” “I wanted to know if you would be my date at the homecoming dance?” “You had to ask me that when I was home alone because?” “I thought It would be more special to ask you if we were alone. So will you go with me as my date?” “I’ll think about it” I said smiling. We both stood up and were walking out of the bathroom when we heard shouting coming from downstairs. “I’m not Kelsey!” “Where is she!?” “I don’t know she went up stairs to grab her purse out of her room I think.” We both ran from my room to the bathroom quietly. Ben closed the door a little bit and be got into the tub/shower and laid down. I was on my back and Ben was on top of me. His chest was on mine and our legs were close. He put his head down on my shoulder as the door to my room, right across from the bathroom, opened. A few minutes later someone came out of the room and walked into the bathroom. Ben put his hand over my mouth and looked into my eyes. I could see the fear in his eyes and I was sure he could see the fear in mine to because in that instant he took his hand off my mouth and pressed his lips against mine. I did not know if he did it because we might die or if he was trying to keep us both calm, but if he was trying to keep us calm. It worked. My body relaxed and my eyes closed, and his did to. I felt his body relax on mine. 

The foot steps left the room and it was quite. Ben opened his eyes a few seconds after I opened mine. We just stared at each other. His eyes we a blueish, grey. And his lips were a light pink color. A few minutes of silence there was more screaming. “Where is she?” the guy sounded more angry then last time. “I told you where she was so if she is not there then I don’t know where she is.” There was a loud thump on the ground then it was silent again.  The bathroom door was opened and someone opened the shower curtain. I closed my eyes as Ben was lifted off of me. I opened my eyes when I was picked up. A tall guy put me over his shoulder and was holding onto me by my butt. I saw Ben in the back of a truck with Marie with handcuffs on. I was put their with them and the guy that was carrying me sat in the back with us. He saw me and Ben staring at each other and did something I never thought he would do. The tall guy leaned over and kissed me. What is it with guys kissing me today? I thought to myself. 

Chris’s P.O.V.

That girl has a beautiful body. I could not resist kissing her, especially because she has a thing for the guy. What does she see in him anyways? He has small arms, wears braces. But then again he has dimples, black hair that falls just perfectly down around is ears. “Don’t ever kiss me again!” She shouted and scooted away from me. I picked her up and kissed her again. When our lips separated I was kicked in the back of the head and dropped the girl on the ground, and my eyes closed.

Ben’s P.O.V.

I kicked him and he fell almost instantly. I was happy about it except for the fact that he fell on… her. I got the key out of his pocket and took my hand cuffs off. I did the same for Marie. Marie and I lifted the guy off of Kelsey. Marie put hand cuffs on the guy wile I took the hand cuffs off of Kelsey. I saw that she hit her head hard too because she was knocked out. Opened up the back when the van slowed, it did not slow down much. I picked Kelsey up and she woke up. She looked up at me and smiled. She woke up fast and I told her what we were doing. We jumped at the van was speeding up again. The guy did not stop until the door swung to the side and he saw us laying in the road.

Kelsey’s P.O.V

We were all laying on the ground. Marie and I were all ready standing up. But Ben was still lying down on the ground. I went over to him and he was bleeding all the way down both of his arms and on his left cheek. I rolled him over and Marie helped me lift him up. The guy in the van got out and was running toward us so I told Marie to take him into the woods, and she did. I stayed there and was ready to fight. I was out numbered because he had a knife and I had my bare hands. He cut my shirt and it scratched my side a little bit. But I grabbed the hand that he had the knife in, pulled him closer to me and kicked him in the face. He fell backwards fast but got up just as fast. The fight went on.

Marie’s P.O.V.

I carried Ben to a tree and leaned him against it. I took his shirt off to see how bad he was injured but he was not that banged up. He looked at me and asked me were Kelsey was. I told him she was fine. I could tell he did not believe me because he tried to get up. I pushed him back down gently and I kissed him. He pushed me back and was on his feet quickly. He asked me were Kelsey was again and I told him she was back there. He ran off. I got up and followed him.  When we got to were Kelsey was she was on her knees and the guy had a knife to her neck. With out even blinking she punched him in the gut and flipped him over her shoulder. She got up and ran over to Ben. We all turned and ran into the woods.

Authors notes: i know my chapters are short but its my first story. Tell me what you think about it. Any ideas for the second story? <3~love all~<3

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