Survive. Death is not a choice

This is a story about a girl(Kelsey), A guy(Ben), And a best friend(Marie).


5. The Truth To Be Shone

          There was a bright light on the other side of a room coming from the ceiling. Some one was walking toward us and I got picked up. Marie was grabbing at my feet. I heard a big thump and the screaming stopped coming from her mouth. She was knocked out cold. It was bright when I got up the ladder. “Hello Kelsey. How did you sleep?” “Who are you? How do you know who I am? And how did I sleep? I slept on a fucking floor after getting shocked last night!” “So not good? I take it.” “Just leave me the fuck alone and let me go!” “okay your free to go.” I was walking to the door. “You can leave but your pathetic friends will die or you can stay and save them.” “Will you leave them alone forever?” I asked turning around and looking at the man. A boy about my height maybe a little taller then me walked out from behind him and walked up to me. “My father told me to take you to a room so you can make your choice. So if you don’t mind will you follow me miss?” I followed the guy. He was cute, he had black hair that fell just to his ears, he had a black leather blazer on and black skinny jeans. He led me to a room and we walked into it. “there is a room under the floor in the next room if you grab the rope right there we can go get your boyfriend then get your other friend.” “Why are you helping me?” “My dad killed the last girl I like and I don’t want him to kill another girl I like and you have a boyfriend so you should be able to have him for a wile. And I wanted to know if you would take me with you.” “umm yeah I guess I will if this isn’t a trick.”       

     We got the ropes and snuck into the next room. We got Ben out and he asked what the guy was doing and I told him everything. “I never did tell you my name. I’m Nate.” After we all introduced we snuck into a different room and got Marie. We ran out the back and were gone. It want tell later that day that they went to check on me and couldn’t find me, Nate, Marie, or Ben.     

     We stopped at a diner and we ate. Marie was trying to flirt with Nate but he seemed rely interested in me. We all talked and ate and had a  good time. We had a great time until two guys wearing trench coats walked in asking for us and the waiter pointed at us. You could tell we were spooked because we all jumped up and ran out the other exit. The two guys in the trench coats chased us. We had a good lead on them until a guy jumped out of no where and tackled me onto the ground. Ben and Nate stopped but Marie kept running until she was tackled to. We fought them off and ran again. All the guys that were chasing us stopped to catch a breath.'s 

Nate's P.O.V.  

We ran until Marie and Kelsey couldn't run anymore. "You got beat-up pretty bad back there. Are you guys going to be alright?" I asked looking at Kelsey and Marie who were sitting down on a tree stump with blood running down their arms and face's. They looked at each other then back at me. "Yeah, We'll be fine." They both said at the same time. "Should we rest for the night?" "Sounds like a plan. Ben said as he started to climb a tree. "What are you doing?" I asked. "We sleep in trees so were not so easy to spot in the morning when were still sleeping." Ben answered as they all climbed higher in the tree.

    I slept on a branch by my self. Everyone else did to. I slept on a branch above Marie and three branches below Ben. Kelsey was two branches above me and one over. The last thing I remember was seeing Kelsey look at me then close her eyes. Then i did the same and fell asleep.

Ben's P.O.V

I stayed up all night thinking about Kelsey. I thought about Marie to. She kissed me and I want to know if she likes me. I thought about the both of them and realized who I liked and why. I liked. I fell asleep on that thought.     When I woke up Kelsey and Nate were sitting on the same branch laughing. I couldn't hear what they were laughing about but it must have been funny. I was about to say something to aware them that i was up when Nate put his hand on Kelsey's leg. "I'm gonna hurt that kid." I said to myself. Kelsey moved his hand and I could hear what she was saying. "I'm dating Ben and I don't know you that well. So please don't give me a reason to have to stay away from you." "But do you like me?" "I do but I'm with him not you and i don't cheat. I heard enough and cleared my throat and sat up. Kelsey turned around. "Good morning sleepy head." I didn't answer her I just climbed down the tree and woke Marie up. "We should go." I called. Climbing down the tree the rest of the way. 

    "Are you mad at me?" "No I'm not mad at you. I just want to know." "Know what?" "If you want to be with him." "With who?" "Nate." He said and i stopped dead in my tracks. "You heard our conversation this morning didn't you?" "Just answer me!" He turned around and shouted in my face. I never saw that side of him and i rely didn't like it.     

Authors Note: I will add more this weekend <3~Love All~<3        

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