Survive. Death is not a choice

This is a story about a girl(Kelsey), A guy(Ben), And a best friend(Marie).


1. Screams, And Handcuffs.


It was raining outside and I could hear the rain patter on the windows. It was more then just rain it was hail to. The sun was not shining and it was dark outside and getting rely cold, rely fast. I did not know if Marie was still coming over until the doorbell rang and she was standing outside in the hail waiting for someone to open the door. “Sorry I was in my room” I said with a fake smile on my face, after I opened the door. I was surprised to see her and Ben outside. I let them in then pulled her around the corner. “What is he doing here?” “I don’t know he was walking up to your door when my mom dropped me off.” We both walked around the corner with fake smiles. “So.” I said about to start a conversation. “What are you doing here Ben?” “I came to talk to you since you are home alone.” “About what?” “well because Marie is here I can’t talk to you Alone.” 

Marie's P.O.V .

           I wounder if he is asking her out to the homecoming dance. if he does not ask her I will ask him to go with me. I heard a crash turned around and screamed. A guy grabbed me by my hair and asked me if i was Kelsey. I told him I was not her and that she was upstairs. One of the guys went up the stairs and came back down a few minutes later. 


Authors note: so sorry this chapter is so short. let me know what you think of it in the next chapter.  <3~love all~<3

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