Survive. Death is not a choice

This is a story about a girl(Kelsey), A guy(Ben), And a best friend(Marie).


3. Running, Hiding, and Boys.

          We were running for what seemed like forever. We climbed a tree and stayed up there for the night. Marie slept on a branch that was below us and on the other side of the tree. Ben slept on the same branch as me. He laid a little farther up then me and I laid my head on his stomach and his arms were laying just above my chest and just below my chin. We all fell asleep. 

        It was almost noon when they woke up. When we were all up we walked up a hill to see it we could find a building to use the restroom. We walked for about two miles before we found a gas station.  The van was there but the guy was not in it. We went into the bathroom. Marie used the bathroom first, so me and Ben turned around. Ben used the bathroom next, then I did. When we were all done we snuck out of the bathroom and into the store. We were happy there was not a bell on the door because the guy was in there asking if he had seen us. The guy behind the desk said no, and the guy form the van left in an angry way.  We asked the guy not to tell anyone that he saw us. We told him what happened so he gave us three back packs, ten things of food (each), flash-lights, ropes, and gave us five water bottles each. He gave me $150, secretly. We left and he stared at me the whole time we snuck out of the store.   

      I did not know where we were until Marie saw the sign that said Florida, and pointed to it.  I was happy and went from a walk to a run. I could hear the foot steps in sync. The patter of six feet hitting the ground. Mine, and then two farther back then mine. When I got to Washington street I stopped running, and waited for the other two to catch up with me. They both fell when the caught up with me. “How can you run so much?” Ben said. “And so fast?” Marie said after he did. “I use to run marathons I can run for two hours straight and for almost ten miles without walking.” “can we take a break from running for like a year?” Marie said, and we all started laughing.  We were sitting at the corner of Washington street and Clark street.    

     We walked for about a block and a half before stopping at a big baby blue house with purple shutters. I walked up to the door. Ben, and Marie followed me. I knocked on the door and waited for someone to answer it. It took about fifteen seconds before a beautiful African American opened the door. Her eyes widened when she figured out who I was and she rushed us in. “Mom what is going on people attacked us and you said if I was ever in danger to come here and you would tell me everything.” “Well your father is a spy. He is on a mission and that’s why you live with a fake father.” She said as she brought us all some hot cocoa to drink by the fire. “Fake father?” “Yes, John is not your real father?” She had tears streaming down her face as she told me this. I did to. I was in Ben’s arms crying and my mom kept telling me stuff about my father. Yes my real father. “Is that why John thought me all of those fighting moves, and tricks?”  I asked wile wiping my eyes from all of the tears. “yes. I told him that you would one day find out and need to be ready to defend yourself. And the ones you love most.” She looked at Ben and Marie.

     We all jumped up as the door was broken down and men with long knifes ran in. My mom told us to go out the back but I did not move. Then the men surrounded us. My mom started the fight by kicking one of the guys in the face and the other in the nuts. She threw one of then through a window. Ten of them followed me and Ben into the kitchen. My mom and Marie were in the living room fighting the other ten of them.

Authors note: thanks for reading I promis it will get better. <3~love all~<3

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