Survive. Death is not a choice

This is a story about a girl(Kelsey), A guy(Ben), And a best friend(Marie).


4. Nothing But Hate.

When I went into the living room I saw my mom laying on the ground with a knife in her stomach. "Mom no i can't lose you." "I will be with you always." She said as she grabbed my hand."I will never leave you." A tear escaped from my eye and she wiped it away. "Your farther watches you and has always watched you. he will not let them take you..." she slowly faded in speech and her eyes closed and the color in her face faded with every minute she just laid there. I kissed her forehead and closed her eyes.

     I heard the sirens. We grabbed our stuff and we left. It was hard for me to run with my eyes running. We weren't far from the house when i fell and started to sob. My eyes were on fire and every breath I took was cold. Ben slipped his hand under my chin and lifted it up. He leaned in and kissed me. His soft lips gently pressing against mine. Our breathing was slow and was in sync. When we pulled apart Marie wasn't anywhere in sight. "Marie where did you go?" I shouted. I turned to Ben to ask if he saw her and he was gone to. "Ben?" I whispered. I heard quiet steps behind me. But they were not getting closer to me they were going away. So I turned around and saw Ben walking towards a body laying on the ground. "What happened to her" I shouted as I  ran to her. She was sitting up when I got to her.

      We were walking out if the graveyard. “What happened back there Marie?” “All I can tell you is I was picked up and thrown backwards.” “Thrown by what?” “I’m not sure but it was big and had claws.” “claws? So a bear?” “I do not know it might have been but its gone and I’m fine now.” “Are you sure?” “Yes and I think were going to have to run now.” She said pointing at the car that stopped in front of us. We turned around to run and I got shocked and felt something put around my neck. Then I blacked out.

Ben’s P.O.V.

   The car stopped and I turned around right into a thing that shocked me. I fell on my knees. Before I blacked out I saw Kelsey and Marie laying on their stomachs, so for them I shot my fist out straight and hit something. The shocking stopped and I stood up weakly. I was trying to keep my eyes open but it was hard to. I got shocked in two places this time and fell instantly.

Marie’s P.O.V.

        I woke up in complete darkness. “Kelsey!” I shouted “Ben! Anyone!” There was no answer. I called for them again. There was a sound. Like a faint grunt. I called for Kelsey and she answered with a quiet, “Yes it is me so stop yelling.” I climbed over to her and we laid down.

 Ben’s P.O.V.

   I couldn’t see anything. There were no windows in this room I was in. I walked along the walls looking for a door but there was noting. How did they get me in here without a door? Am I ever going to get out? Am I going to get food? And the question that went through my mind the most was, are the girls okay? Is Kelsey okay? Would I ever see her again? 



Authors note: I'm sorry all of the chapters are short but it will get better  <3~love all~<3

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