Spelling Love

A relatively short Alice and Jasper fanfic that I just came up with............ ENJOY!!!:):):):)


1. One-shot

              Spelling Love
     L is for look. All he did was look at her and she was a goner. She was already in love with him but it had never felt real until the instant that his obsidian black eyes met her golden ones.

     O is for offer. She offered him her hand, and when he took it, her world fell compete at his silken skin. She smiled and led him outside into the gentle rain, into her world of endless sunshine and boundless energy. 

     V is for very. She was very patient with him, encouraging him to hunt. She was slow in teaching him- though when his instincts kicked in he was a wrecking ball.

     E is for eternity. She looked up at him and promised herself to him for eternity, although everyone knew they were two halves of a whole, never one compete without the other. She loved him more than her own life and would do absolutely anything to make him happy. After all, they were meant for each other, matrimony or no. They were bound to each other from the very beginning, brought together and healed by time, and promised to each other for eternity.
     L is for lost. He was lost without her, wandering like a ghost of a man, a broken shell. Going nowehere fast, he spiralled out of control into a monster.

     O is for obsidian. His eyes fury-filled and the richest black as he watched the woman he loved curl up next to that DOG when he should've been the one to comfort her, to hold her and make the pain go away.

     V is for versatile. He was versatile when it came to her. He could carry shopping bags in one hand, hold her hand in the other, and still find the book he wanted in the bookstore while she giggled over her purchases. 
     E is for every. Every day he watched over his angel, protecting her. Everyday he ignored the burning in his throat, only wanting to make her proud of him, proud to call him hers. Every scar that painted his body he loathed because they reminded him daily of his past, of what he once was. But they made her feel protected, made her feel safe and sound, as she curled in his arms, sound asleep. His angel, his light in the ever waning darkness.

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