One Direction: Blue Velvet

'Blue Velvet' is a romantical, magical yet comedy-like fanfiction about a young adult named Lana of age 18 who is forced to live on the streetes after her mother and fathers death. One Direction ages 18-20 year old bandmemebers known for their interactions with fans, hilarious dances, quotes but also their touching music. When all of the 6 different lives come together. everything changes. From laughing, to sobbing, to other unknown emotions this is an enlighting story that will grasp the readers attention.


5. Tell A Chilli

Lana's POV:

"Wow, lets get ready guys." Louis clapped his hands, circling the room to make sure it was appealing for this girl he called Eleanor. I watched as he rushed downstairs, leaving me behind. 

"just follow me, Lala." I giggled at Zayn's sudden nickname for me.


"What's so funny?" He smirked.

"The name you just called me, it was funny." I replied still giggling.

Zayn chuckled a bit before linking arms with me and guiding me towards the stairs, to meet Eleanor. I had grown fond of Zayn ever since. He had been like a brother I had never had. He was the only one in the whole group that could crack a smile from me without trying hard. Zayn was just a kind.

"This is really stupid but did I ever get your last name?" He scratched the back of his head still guiding me.

"I don't think so, um well-" I thought about for a second,"My last names..." I waved my hand around. "It's really stupid-"

"Just tell me." He interrupted. 

"Fine." I muttered. "It's Telachili."

He bit his lip, obviously to stop himself from laughter. "There, Zayn. You've got five seconds to laugh." He eroded  into laughter, repeating my name over and over until we got to the living room.

"Like seriously," He asked, "Tell a chili?"

"Telachili." I said quickly. He had spaced out my last name.

"Wow, well mine's Malik." I eroded into laughter as well, mimicking him.

"As in Mul Eek?" I giggle some more and watched as he cursed under his breath.

"Yeah, yeah." Zayn rolled his eyes.

Louis interrupted us, introducing his girlfriend.

"Guys I'd like you to meet Eleanor, my girlfriend." Louis smiled intertwining his girlfriends fingers with his.

"Nice to meet you." I cracked a smile and held my hand out for her to shake and to be honest, she was beautiful.

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