One Direction: Blue Velvet

'Blue Velvet' is a romantical, magical yet comedy-like fanfiction about a young adult named Lana of age 18 who is forced to live on the streetes after her mother and fathers death. One Direction ages 18-20 year old bandmemebers known for their interactions with fans, hilarious dances, quotes but also their touching music. When all of the 6 different lives come together. everything changes. From laughing, to sobbing, to other unknown emotions this is an enlighting story that will grasp the readers attention.


2. Her Tender Sighs


'There you go.' He passed me a towel which I wrapped around myself.

Louis had told me alot about himself. Starting with the fact that his name was Louis and he was in a band called None Direction. 'Thankyou, Louis.' He nodded his head and left the room abruptly.

I gazed at myself, again, in the mirror. My face seemed to look clean and my hair seemed more healthy and alive. I smiled with my teeth that were now pearly whites. 

I leaned my head against the door and began to speak to the other side. 'Louis what do I wear?' 

'Here open up, I have some clothes.' 

'Thankyou.' I put on the outfit he had given me and opened the door.

(Outfit on side>>>>)

'Thankyou Louis.' 

'You're welcome.'

'You should..You know..Get to know my band mates?' His reply came out more of a question.

'Yeah.' I followed him until he reached the eating room.

'What's your name again?' A dark haired boy asked. 

'Lana.' I sighed and sat down next to them.

'Nice to meet you, I'm Zayn, that's Liam,  Niall and Harry.' He reached the last name and I looked around and spotted Harry.

'Thankyou, it's nice to meet you all.'

I heard a mumble and looked up to see that Curly was staring at me with such anger and hate. 

'Yeah, um..'

'Are you hungry, Lana?' 

'Why does it matter!' That same boy who seemed to hate me banged the table and stormed away.




'May I go speak to him?' I asked Niall.

'Maybe you should give him sometime.' Zayn put a hand near me to stop me from standing up. 

'No, I'd like to speak with now.' I shoved his hand away and followed Harry.

'Fiesty.' I heard from the eating room.

'Why do you hate me?' My voice was tiny.

'Why are you here?' He countered.

I sighed tenderly and closed my eyes not letting the tears break my barrier. 

'Why not just go home to your like, parents?' That broke me.

I dropped to the ground dramatically and cried.

'Because they're dead Harry, they're dead!' He had that "oh-shit" look.

'I-I'm sorry L-Lana, really.' 

I got up and rushed out of the room and back out. Where I belong, is away from everyone and back into the streets.



Harry Styles POV

I was in big shit. To see the way Lana and Louis relationship was growing in just an instant, I was curious to how he would act knowing Lana was gone. It made me furious he wasn't thinking straight by bring a 'homeless' I repeat HOMELESS girl to stay at our flat.

Honestly, Louis is a kind and caring person who loves helping people but really and truly he is completely mad!  Lana, she is a beautiful girl who just needs help in her life...But not from us. We have a life to live, family to care for, fans to greet and a reputation to keep. With her here all of ours lives were going to have to change and I'm not ready for that. WE'RE not ready for that.


Lana's POV

It was official.  Harry hated me and Louis felt bad for me. Actually, I liked Louis feeling bad for me. I actually thought we were friends. 

I had been walking for quite sometime and my feet were starting to hurt. I didn't even know where I was, It was all rich looking and confusing. I could tell people were staring at me, as I could feel a burning on my back. 

They were probably thinking Look at that girl in no shoes, probably homeless

Wait. I was still in the clothes Louis lended me.  And I didn't even look as homeless as I thought..


Harry's POV

'Can I talk to you?' Louis sat down next to me, he was actually more serious then ever.

'Yeah, sure, Lou.' I looked at him and gave him and encouraging smile to continue.

'It's about Lana..' My face hardened but I held my self back.

'Have you seen her?'


'She went to go talk to you.'

'I know.'

'So she just upt and went away?'  He looked quite gloomy.  I nodded my head and tried not to break and tell him everything that happened between us. 

'You're lying to me Harold.' Louis stated.

'She left, Lou.'

He jerked himself up and pointed a nasty finger at my face.

'What's wrong with you Harry? When did you ever become so conceited.....'

'We promised ourselves we wouldn't become jerks when we became famous, Harold. But look at you now. Cruel. You better go find her.'



'I said no! You can't just bring some stupid bitch-' I realized what I had just said.

All the other lads were now gathered around watching us fight. I found his reason for fighting idiotic.

'........You're being really stupid right now. What would your family think of you, Harry?' I watched as Louis grabbed his jacket and walked out, the mates following behind.



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