One Direction: Blue Velvet

'Blue Velvet' is a romantical, magical yet comedy-like fanfiction about a young adult named Lana of age 18 who is forced to live on the streetes after her mother and fathers death. One Direction ages 18-20 year old bandmemebers known for their interactions with fans, hilarious dances, quotes but also their touching music. When all of the 6 different lives come together. everything changes. From laughing, to sobbing, to other unknown emotions this is an enlighting story that will grasp the readers attention.


1. Memory Through the Tears


I woke up from my suspension of consciousness only to the loathsome view of the Doncaster streets which I dreaded the most. The cold pavement beneath, the repulsive odor near by but also the pleasant frangrance of Cooplands bakery. I grinned a bit but promptly stood up to begin my day in the Doncaster streets. I wasn't always living this way, I used to have a family, friends and outsiders waving and saying hi to me every corner I went. But all changed when my parents died from Legionnaires' disease. It was a small outbreak in the UK  over 2 years ago. People caught  Legionnaires’ when tiny water droplets carrying the legionella bacteria got into the lungs. 

The illness started with flu-like symptoms — tiredness, high fever, headache, muscle aches and dry cough. It then developed into lung infections or pneumonia, which prove fatal in one in ten patients.

The bacteria thrived in warm — but not hot — water. But it spread vastly amongst my relatives and parents. I suffered from it but with time, I recovered. The others, departed to above. I knew I didn't wan't to live in a facility for the orphaned and later be adopted by God knows who. Call them 'mom' or 'dad' or what ever tittle was placed upon them. All those actions led to my choice of living with my companion, Olly. Later she threw me back into the streets for a  imbecile reason. 


I promenaded down the streets and to the nearest fountain. My footwear seemed as if it could  split any moment. For I have worn them for months now. Same for my beige pullover and denim jeans. Finally reaching I eyed the crowd in search of anyone with a musical instrument. I was quite successful, there was a man, his hair was in a sort of unusual I couldn't describe. It was brushed back?


He sported a plack pullover and creme colored chinos. I tapped his shoulder and waited for him to turn around. 'What can I do for you, Love?' He stood on the balls of his feet but then transitioned to the back making it seem he was jumping but still on ground.


I turned a bit so I wasn't completely facing him. not wanting the man to get a waft of my malodorous aroma. 'Can I please borrow your instrument.' I asked. He looked down at his instrument and then back at me. He pointed it in a way as if saying "take it". I thanked him and proceeded back to my original spot. I sang the same song, the one I new best.



'She wore blue velvet. Bluer than velvet was the night. Softer than satin the light from the stars-' As I finished the last note and opened my eyes the once crowed was not gathered around in a sort of protective circle around me; their faces full of astonishment. Once they'd recovered from shock they thrusted their hands into their pockets and pulled of some pounds. I smiled and thanked them as they walked away leaving their money and compliments behind.


'That was an oustanding job you did their!' The alien man spoke in a loud obnoxious voice. 

'Thankyou sir.' I wiggled my ear as if trying to get out the recent sound.

'Call me Louis!' He brought out his hand and inched it towards me to shake.

'Lana, I'm Lana.' I replied but did not dare touch his hand. I was an unclean homeless person. No one would want to touch them. Not even me, though I was one.

I handed the now-called Louis, his guitar, thanked him and walked my way back to my 'home.'



Lana Woolridge Telechili's POV

Another day had passed since that weird man had lended me his guitar. I grew such interest and fascination into his personality. He seemed bubbly, but obnoxious and had such a loud voice. He seemed like the person who would smile through tough times from just the look of him. 

The night was darker than most, actually pitch black. I couldn't see a thing in the streets which feared me the most. Pedophiles and rapists seemed to wander the streets in search of young girls my age. I decided to stay in my hiding spot behind the dumpster to avoid anyone.

I've never actually thought of someone raping me. To me it was just what happens, not that its happened to me. I'm still a virgin but that's what was my fear. Losing it.

I closed my eyes trying the get to my place in sleep but I just couldn't. The pavement didn't seem to be helping at all, nor did the dumpster I had my head against. I shuffled a bit in search of a comfortable position. I heard footsteps coming around the corner and I quickly squatted and peaked.

'Yeah Niall, stop!' I peaked a bit but the view was of only 3 or 4 black blobs.

I tried to turn back but it resulted in me falling face down with no control. I grunted and winced in pain, forgeting that there were people lurking around.

'Did you hear that?' One voice stood out from the rest.

'Hear what.' Once he said that all grew silent.

I held my breathe and closed my eyes hoping they wouldn't find me. I grew to the point I couldn't hold longer. My face was most likely red and tears possibly flowing down my eyes for no reason. I let out a big puff knowing that I was caught.

'Do you see that?' All the voices now I had identified as men.

'That?' I felt as if a finger was burning the side of my face. Their footsteps became louder and closer. I knew it was over for me. My life was now over.

'Can you hear us?' Now the men were gathered around me. I nodded my head.

'Don't touch her, she's a peasant!' One screamed. I wasn't at all offended. He labled me as I am and I'm completely okay with that.

'Are you okay? Are you hurt? Can you get up?' 

I closed my eyes and tried draining their voices, maybe it was just a dream.



Later: Lana's POV

Conversations started in the place I had been put to rest. I shut my eyes and listened to them speak.'

Why the fuck did you just pick her off the streets?' 

'I had no choice, she was hurt.'

'Do you see bruises?'


'Do you see anything?'


'Than frankly she's not hurt and she can go back to where she belongs.'

'Calm the fuck down Harry!'

'No Lou, you've done it again. How will El act when she sees a homeless girl lying on our couch?'

'She'll understand.' 

'Louis I know you're a kind person but this is just of your rockers!' A new voice was included into the conversation.

I slowly opened my eyes and the conversation ended. 

'Now she's up, do something.' The boy with curly hair shoved the other boy with his shoulder, looked at me and scoffed.


I looked down at my thighs and traced circles on my jeans.

'May i take a bath?' I whispered low and waited for his approval.

He granted it and led me to the bathroom.

I stripped my clothes off and stared at myself. I had grown since the day I left Olly's house. I turned to the side and bobbed my head. I grabbed my boobs and looked again.


That's my body?

(AN: 13 Going 13) 

After gazing at myself for quite some time I entered the shower.  I didn't quite get what I was suppose to do with the knobby thing so I grabbed a towel and covered my body.

'Guy?' I whispered.


'Are you there?'

'Open up.' He knocked on the door gently.

'Could you help me?' I pointed at the knob. He grabbed it and pulled it, the water ran freely. I couldn't help but smile as I watched it run.

'What do I do next?' Once your homeless, you forgot most of what you do.

'Uh you enter?' He scratched the back of his head.

I stepped into the tub.

'What's next?' I asked in a minute voice.

'You have to umm,' He turned around. 'You have to take off your towel....' He seemed uncomfortable but I just didn't get it. 

I unwrapped my towel and folded it neatly on top of the toilet. 


He turned around but screamed and ran out of the doorway. Was I scary to him? Did I look ugly?

'I don't get it....' I looked around the tub, the water still ran. There was another knock on the door I opened it.

'I ummm....' Guy looked up at my face. 'You still need help?' I nodded my head and entered the bathtub.

He pulled up a stool and grabbed a sponge and began scrubbing my back.



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