Now I'm Scarred

A sad and moving story about a young girl fighting through poverty with her young brother in her arms. She fights to keep her brother alive and will do anything for him even if it leads to death.....


1. Now I'm Scarred: Chapter 1


As two gunshots are fired wind blows passed my dry and pale skin, I close my eyes and salty water streams down my face. My parents there gone just like that, I feel like my life has been nothing but horrid memories that I wish were just a dream. But their not, they never will be. All they were trying to do is keep my brother and I safe and alive. But they got their lives taken away and it’s my entire fault.


I hold my brother Jaja in my arms, his bitter skin pressed to mine as his tears soak into my chest. His small fragile body in my arms as I do my best trying to keep him warm.


He is only 3 years old and his life hasn’t even started yet, he has no idea what is going on and all he has now is me. As he shifts in my arms I look down at him and he looks up at me with his sparking brown eyes, which are usually full of innocents, but are full of fear and sadness. I hate seeing him like this, no hope, no love and no happy ending I try to think positive but I just feel like I’m wasting just wasting everyday still in this cruel and horrible world. I still remember the day he was born with his smooth newborn skin and his tiny fingers grip around my thumb and knowing that I will never let him go. Also how I would hold him in my arms and sing to him when he was crying and sleep would take over his mind to the sound of my soothing voice.


But those days are in the past and there never coming back, just a memory I try to hold on to with everything I’ve got. Then there is me a 14-year-old girl named Tanisha, homeless and just lost her parents to a stupid war, and with my small frail brother in my arms with nothing but hope.

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