i love Zayn Malik


2. Take a break

* at school*
*mayas POV*
"ALLY" i scream when I see my best friend crying near her locker as I approach class
"derek, Derek, he-he broke up with me" ally says as more sobs forms in her eyes
"ally, you poor sweetie" I say as I pull her into a hug
Well I've got news that you won't believe" I continue saying
"what is it?"
"Well Louis says that he will take me to meet the boys"
So.... Ally says
"AHHHHHHH" she screamed
She was the BIGGEST Directioner in the whole school maybe in the world she knew EVERYTHING even their pen*s sizes
"WHEN" Ally asks
"TODAY" I say
That's when Ally faints
I knew the was gonna happen so I borrows my friend (stinky) shoe made her smell it and she started coughing
"AWWW I just had the best dream ever"
Oh really, what was it about" I asked
It's about me going to meet the lads with you" she replied
"promice you won't faint when I tell you this" I asked
Ya why would I faint" she said
" we'll you're "dream" is about to be reality"
That's when I saw the insane side of my BFF she started hoping up and down a million times I sware were insane haha
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