i love Zayn Malik


4. Getting ready

After school, I drive Ally with the new brand new car I had bought from my life savings back to my house. "Good Afternoon, Mrs.Tomlinson" Ally says "Hey Ally how are you" my mom replies "Good"
"Mom, what do we have to eat?" I ask "There's a bag of Doritos in the cabinet and the dip is on the top shelf of the refrigerater" "Thanks mom". I get the dip and the bag of chips and then me and Ally headed up the stairs leading up to my room which was next to Louis room. We plop down on the bed. "that was the LONGEST day of school EVER." "Nooooo, your Just excited" I say to Ally. "True." I start chuckling. "What's funny?" "ohhh, nothing." I say. "IM SOOO BORED!" I yell. "wanna do something." "I'm gonna go take a shower and pick out my clothes." "Fuck" I hear Ally say underneath her breath. "What's wrong?" "Well one I'm dirty and two I have no clothes to wear except these stupid clothes I wore to school." "Okay, well we only have 1 shower but I won't take long so you can then go and you can pick from my walk-in closet". Ally runs over to me and hugs me, "THANK YOU SOOO MUCH I love you." "I love you too, Ally" I say laughing. Then I quickly hoped in the shower and some how started singing the song "Give your heart a break" by Demi Lovato. She was my idol, and inspiration. She showed me how strong she was and didn't give up. I loveed her and want for one day for me to thank her in person. After I finish my shower activities, I wrap the towel around me and start drying my hair. I was gonna curl my hair. I then yelled "ALLY, IM DONE." "OKAY COMING!" she yells back. She then hops in the shower and finishes in less than 20 minutes. "Wow that was fast" I say. "that's because unlike you I have short hair. Oh ya sorry I forget to mention I have wavy, dark bruntette LONG, (up to my bum) hair. It's was now 2:00. Louis was going at 3:30 or 3:45. I quickly start curling my hair. When I finished it was 3:00. Now what to wear. I didn't know so I quickly put my earings on. Ally had decided on what to wear cause she finished doing her hair before me. She had burned her hair straight. She asked me if she could wear my skinny jeans, with a top that said "I'll swim the whole seas to make you happy" with 5 inch heels that were neon blue. I answered with "Do you really have to ask."
"I'm taking that as a yes." "yupp." I say. I also go with skinny jeans with a cute top also with heels that were 5 inch but these were dark blue. (I adore 5 inch heals). Now it was 3:30. I texted Lou
Me: "Lou, where are you?"
Louis: "I'm coming got caught up with fans and traffic."
Me: "Okay, what time will you be here?
Louis: "At 4:00"
Me: "Okay love ya bye
Louis" Love you too Maya Bear (that was his "nickname" for me) bye."
Me: "Bye, see you soon. ♥❤❤

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