i love Zayn Malik


1. chapter 1

hi my name is Maya Tomlinson.i am 16 years old. i have one brother named Louis William Tomlinson . well now youve got to know me so lets start the story, shall we

POV Maya
"LOUIS" i shouted waking him up as he fell of the bed with a starell. 'WHAT?"
'its time to wake up' ''fine ill be down in 20 min'', he says

well unlike Louis whos VERY carefree i get worried for a MILLION things. for example today i have a test. it depones on HALF our grade. right now my stomach is KILLING me becasue of all the butterflies.
i have all my study books infront of me while i eat my breakfest.
sometimes i wonder why i cant be care free like Louis. but now worrying is like a habit or take it like a a birthmark even if you dont like it it stays there FOREVER.
*louis comes down*
"louis is there one day you will NOT where suspenders to school, or actluly ANYWHERE
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